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As 25 million registered South Africans prepare to go to polls on 7 May 2014, Al Jazeera will look back on 20 years of the country’s democracy. In-depth TV

Tonight on Al Jazeera’s talk show South2North, Haru Mutasa chats to Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Pulitzer Prize-winning online new site, The Huffington Post, and James Chau, a CCTV news presenter based

Days after declaring his own generation had "failed," rock star philanthropist Bob Geldof has told Al Jazeera that the next generation will do so too.  (Photo: Haru Mutasa and

This Friday on Al Jazeera’s talk show South2North, Haru Mutasa (in photo) chats about millennial leadership with Pakistani author and political commentator Fatima Bhutto and two ambassadors to The One Young