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Makeni, Sierra Leone - It is getting worrisome in the northern city over the alleged shortage of fuel and its inflated cost, which seriously borders around the high

Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown, has been disfigured again by long petrol queues, obviously due to fuel shortage, a chronic problem which Sierra Leoneans have been suffering since

Fuel is a highly political commodity, the scarcity of which breeds mass discontentment, causing people to lose confidence in government.  Fuel is crucial to the livelihood of the

Less than a month after people cast their votes at the November 17 polls there are fuel shortages in many of the Total petrol stations all over the

Sierra Express Media understands that a fuel shortage will soon hit the capital of Freetown. We are informed that today (Monday) is going to witness yet another queuing

The central business district of Freetown is hit with serious water and fuel crisis which has generated a public dismay within the past few weeks. As the struggle continued

A segment of media practitioners Wednesday 4th May, went baffled over deceitful comments of the Minister of Trade and Industry on the existing fuel stalemate. “There has been no

Inside sources of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) have confirmed to our reporter yesterday that there is serious fuel shortage in the RSLAF that has

The long lines for fuel in Freetown are starting to diminish after a fuel shortage which rocked the city for the last several days. Motorists have endured long lines