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“At that time my anger will flare up against them; I will forsake them and hide my face from them, so that they will become a prey to

Sometimes, in moments of distress, I turn to music for inspiration. These days as updates stream in on the August 14 mudslide that killed nearly 500 persons with

Reports coming from Waterloo say the first batch of 250 decomposed bodies that could not be identified have been buried in a mass burial this evening in Waterloo. A

When the devastating tragic mudslide and flooding hit Freetown on 14th August 2017, Sierra Leone underwent another heartbreaking disaster after the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease. The Chinese

Disturbing reports coming from Freetown with horrifying images say over 300 people have perished in floods and landslides following more than just 5 hours of rain that started

Relentless torrential rain has wreaked havoc on the city of Freetown, Sierra Leone today.  Most businesses had to close their doors today and vehicles caught in massive traffic

Every year West African citizens experience heavy downpours, which often result in flooding. The floods in turn bring death, destruction to property and crops and outbreaks of disease.

The world we live in is such a precarious and unstable place; there is no haven on this earth - all senses.  Such phrases among many others have

If the massive deforestation exercises that have gripped our reserved forests in the provinces and the Western Area of the country are not minimized or stopped, desertification and