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President Julius Maada Bio Calls for Diamonds to be cut and polished in Sierra Leone during a visit to the Antwerp World Diamond Centre in Belgium Antwerp, Belgium, 5

Sierra Leone is globally renowned for her diamond riches but over the years, our diamond industry has declined sharply as confirmed by many diamond dealers interviewed by this

The Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources Hon Minkailu Mansaray is reported to have recently expressed his anger at the director of AMR GOLD, one Raphael Israel and

African leaders take action that may transform the mining The Hollywood blockbuster movie, Blood Diamond, tells a gripping story of how diamonds fuelled Sierra Leone’s 11-year civil war

Indeed, it is common knowledge in Sierra Leone that diamonds were discovered in Kono in the 1930s.  Since then, Kono as the bread basket of this nation, is

The once booming diamond industry in Sierra Leone now seems to be on the decline, many diamond offices have folded up as many dealers and miners have quit

Approximately a year ago, Koidu Holdings announced its plan to invest an additional $200m in its Koidu Kimberlite project to unlock its full potential. The construction of a new

A miner in Kenema died after being ruthlessly brutalized by paid up gangsters for purportedly stealing a 5.5 carat diamond.  Patrick Foday, a local miner in Kenema, died after

CEO Karl Smithson: "Stellar is focused on unlocking the potential of its kimberlite portfolio, which includes some of the highest grade and highest value per ton of ore