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This medium has been reliably informed that Kenyatta Hill, the son of the late reggae international Superstar Joseph Hill, will arrive in Sierra Leone between 12th - 13th February

The death is announced of Mr. O’Bai George Vincent Wurie alias the Big Chief of Culture Radio and presenter of the popular program ‘Shependeh’, aged 56 years.  (Photo:

Culture Radio regrets to announce the death of its Production Manager and Presenter of the popular program Shekpendeh, in the person of Obai Wurie alias the Big Chief

Culture Radio 104.5 FM on 24 Fort Street in the capital of Freetown in collaboration with Bread for the World; a German based organization embarked on a three

On October 27 this year the Voice of Youth Sierra Leone (VOYSL), a voluntary Non Governmental Organization, held its  first Meritorious Award ceremony for the East-End part of

As part of its advocacy against land grabbing in the country, Culture Radio FM 104.5 has held a roundtable forum at the Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) conference

Culture Radio, a Rastafarian-based radio station operating on Frequency Modulation FM 104.5 and representing the voice of the voiceless, has taken a step further in its poise to