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The atmosphere was cacophonous and the minds of the people were injected with anxiety and a state of panic which the ruling SLPP administration trivialised through amateur propaganda! The

Mr. Chairperson: At the outset, allow me to congratulate you and the Federal Republic of Nigeria for convening today’s open session on Child Soldiers/Out of School Children in

The International Bar Association (IBA) yesterday welcomed verdict in case of the first suspect to be tried before the International Criminal Court (ICC), Thomas Lubanga Dyilo (in photo). 

As I sit in front of the television, eagerly waiting to watch the news on Sierra Leone 's 50th anniversary of independence (27th April 1961- 2011) as the

Human Rights advocate Fayia Sellu recently conducted a talk in San Francisco, USA sensitizing the crowd to Sierra Leone’s past and the effect of war, civil or otherwise