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The Bo District Council in collaboration with Wealth Hunger Hilfe (WHH) has ended the forth stakeholders’ forum on land policy guidelines on large-scale land acquisition. The Bo District Council

Procurement Number: BoDC/ADMIN/MDA’S/002/2016 The Government of Sierra Leone and other Donor Agencies have allocated funds to the Bo District Council for the Supply of Stationery, Spares for Vehicles, Tools,

Procurement Number BoDC/ADMIN/DSDP-RCHP-GoSL/001/2016 Funds have been allocated to the Bo District Council from the Government of Sierra Leone , Decentralised Service Delivery Programme(DSDP) 2 and  Reproductive and Child Health

Students from Mendoza College of Business, USA, have rated Bo District Council as the best council in Sierra Leone that is why they were directed to understudy the

My dear councilors, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, after 8 years (from 2004 to 2012) in the decentralization process in Sierra Leone (Re-establishment of Local Council in Sierra Leone),