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At long last, the old imperial measurement is giving way to the metric system. I look back with nostalgia on the old system, when Peter Clarke then a

As we celebrate our 50th Independence anniversary today, April 27th 2011, permit me to congratulate and extend my best wishes to the people of Sierra Leone and pray for

The Independence celebration marking Sierra Leone’s 50th anniversary has triggered mass return of Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora to join their compatriots in making the anniversary a success

What, you may say, is there to be particularly patriotic about when one is in Sierra Leone? Sure, the quality of living is low, we are not fed,

A month from now Sierra Leone will be celebrating fifty years of self-rule. Between the period 1808 when Sierra Leone became a Crown Colony and 1960 the eve

In celebration of Sierra Leone’s 50th Independence Anniversary, The Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Washington D.C., in collaboration with the USA Planning Committee will be

First Secretary and Consular Officer at the Sierra Leone High Commission in the United Kingdom over the weekend told Sierra Leoneans in Denmark to work hard and project

The All Peoples Congress (APC) government has unveiled plans to celebrate Sierra Leone’s 50th independence anniversary, which coincides with its fourth year in power; but celebrations without meaningful

The slogan for the 50th Independence Anniversary Celebration of the land the British colonialists carved out a boundary for and named “Sierra Leone” – to better exploit its