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December 2009

The leader of Young Leaders-Sierra Leone (YLSL) a Diaspora base youth leadership organization  has praised the “remarkable work” of youth in the country during its recent visit to Sierra Leone.  (Photo: Unisa Dizo-Conteh, YLSL, CEO) Young

Accessible justice system in any democratic state is a prerequisite for sustainable development. Therefore for a country to develop rapidly, that country must ensure that premium is been laid on the justice system, especially the

Fighting the growing spate of fake and substandard medicine has been a priority agenda in cleansing the public health of the country. It became apparent in 2001 when the government of Sierra Leone instituted the

The Kono District Diamond Dealer Chairman, Mr. Musa Manso, aka Kono Mansa, has described a recent report in a local tabloid alleging he attempted to bribe the newly appointed mines engineer in Kono as a

Investigations carried out by Sierra Express Media reveal that Kono District has not been considered for any development project from a recently released US $101 million funding for the whole country. Sources allege no project

Various market sellers on Sewa grounds at the Victoria Park convened a meeting  on Tuesday 3rd December, 2009 ahead of the opening of the new market constructed by the Freetown City Council. Speaking at the

25 Medics Return from Professional Training Twenty-five health professionals, mostly district health sisters and medical officials, were on Wednesday 2nd December, 2009 received by the Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation, Mohamed D. Koroma, after three

When in 2004 local government was reinstituted in the country after almost three decades of its death in the 70’s, the prospect to attainment of a government of the people wherein the government is taken

The Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone in the conduct of the final cycle of its continuous professional education has embraced the concept of attitudinal and behavioral change - ABC for Pharmacy Professionals through out the

Diamond SAJ, aka Daddy SAJ, Sierra Leone’s most popular musical icon, social and political critic, continues to make waves even though he has not been in the spot light since his last album “Water Mellon

ECOWAS Chiefs of Defence Staff will hold their last quarterly meeting for 2009 from 9th to 11th December in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone to consider issues relating to the structure of the ECOWAS

An article has appeared in the last two days in a number of newspapers. It is allegedly written by “A Concerned Citizen.” Just as it is anonymous, so he is faceless and well nigh he

Commercial drivers in the country this medium has talked to decried the slow rate at which business is moving in the country; most of them saying that business has suddenly gone bad not only for

Independent investigations carried out by Sierra Express Media reveal that the Pademba Road Maximum Prison riot is a plot of sabotage carried against the prevalence of peace and the administration of the Prison Department by

People have looked at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) with consternation when they prosecute certain segments of the society and tend to overlook those who are crimson-red with unabated corrupt practices. Some have even questioned whether