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March 2012

Abu Bakarr Sulaiman Tarawally is a name very familiar with readers of Sierra Express Media (SEM).  If you are regular reader also of the local tabloid newspapers in Sierra Leone, you would recall his by-line

For almost a period of two years, from  July of 2010, Ibrahim Samura (in photo) took the hot seat position of Editor of Sierra Express Media (SEM) newspaper.  Following Samura’s frequent news contributions he impressed

The Police Operations Team of Kissy B Division made arrests of fifteen persons on Saturday, February 25, on various offences ranging from unlawful possession of cannabis Sativa and frequenting in places where it is sold

Lord oh! This cannot be trusted. Lord have mercy – Mr. President, you have to risk your life that night at the National Stadium, just to honour the artists’ union – what a president.  I

N’Djamena, Chad 03 March 2012- The main celebration of Africa Environment Day was marked in N’Djamena, Chad on 03 March 2012. This was the 10th year of celebration since 2002 when the day was adopted

As a clear and vivid manifestation of the Commission’s unceasing efforts  to combat corruption within Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), the Anti-Corruption Commission Northern Region, on Tuesday 28th  February, 2012 sensitized officers of the Sierra

9 year old Bintu Bangura of Sulima village could have died in her mother’s lap after she was hit by acute diarrhoea and vomiting, but the swift and timely intervention of World Vision Sierra Leone

For a decade, civil war ripped the West African country of Sierra Leone apart, ravaging the people and infrastructure of the country.   (Photo by Christopher R. Vinn, Tyler Paper): Bockari Stevens, Sierra Leone ambassador to

As constantly discussed, bad cultures, retributive justice etc., have had timeless and unending occurrences from within the confines of chiefdoms, towns and villages in Sierra Leone - a small, but highly rated country in the

The Craig Bellamy Foundation (CBF) Youth Development League, established in 2009, with the support of UNICEF, initiated a nationwide football structure whilst tackling the country’s urgent social development priorities – education, health, youth exclusion and

With comprehensive Digital Television in over 8 African countries, StarTimes Communication Network Technology, established in 1988 in China and which has also been playing the role of the most influential system integrator, technology provider and

As a Sierra Leonean and the current Chairman of the APC North America branch, I want to once again share with you all some security issues regarding our beloved country Sierra Leone.  Since my teenage

African Young Voices (AYV), one of Sierra Leone`s newest media institutions which is fast edging towards a multimedia status, continues to attract big names in the country’s media landscape.  Popular Disc Jockey Mamaja Jalloh, aka

Addis Ababa 1st March 2012 - March 3 is celebrated every year as Africa Environment Day. This emanated from 2000 Durban Summit of the then Organisation of African Unity (OUA) as a way of creating

One of the aspirants for the leadership of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) party, Mohamed C. Bah on Tuesday February 28, 2012 told the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) that his party is a force