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March 2015

Freetown, 19 March 2015: A delegation from the Republic of Korea and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) celebrated the installation of an autoclave used for the safe disposal of medical waste at the Goderich

When we talk of global warming, the first thing that comes to mind is carbon dioxide (CO2). The emission of CO2 is the main cause of global warming, followed by the emission of methane (CH4),

On Thursday 19th March, 2015, it pleased His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to appoint Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China as Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Mr. Victor

People don’t want to take precaution and warnings given to us by our authorities and the professional nurses.  More or less, our behavioral attitude is the one killing us softly with the help of this

March 20, 2015 -At the prestigious Wusum Hotel, Makeni, in the northern region, the no-nonsense newly appointed NATCOM Chairman, Momoh K. Konte implored "the mama pa Salone telecommunication business to go countrywide with their landline

His Excellency Victor Bockarie Foh (in photo)  is a seasoned politician and an experienced Administrator, who until his appointment as Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, was his country’s Ambassador to the People’s

Freetown, March 19 (SLENA0)- As the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament resumes its hearing on Wednesday 18th March 2015 on the management of the Ebola funds,  the Director of Information and Technology, National Ebola Center,

Freetown, March 19, 2015 - - The Government of Sierra Leone and its Energy Sector Counterparts from the World Bank Group started a mission Monday March 16, 2015, with the aim of holding discussions with

Sierra Leone over the weekend joined a good number of world leaders, diplomats, Executives of Multinational Companies, Consultancy Experts at the Egypt Economic Development Forum held at the International Congress Centre in the Red Sea

Freetown, Mar 17, 015 (MOHS) - The Ministry of Health and Sanitation in collaboration with the Street Family Organization and National Fire Force Service has started the cleaning and Decontamination of Schools in the Western

Freetown, Mar. 18, 015 (MOHS) - The Centre for Disease Control Foundation (CDC) USA has handed over the newly constructed $4 Million Centre for Disease Control Complex to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation at

The Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone since May 25, 2014 turned around the smiling face of our dynamic President into an unpleasant and non-smiling face as the Ebola figures inconsistently fluctuates with positive cases in

“Ten American aid workers who may have been exposed to Ebola are being brought back to the US from Sierra Leone. On Friday (13/03/15), it was announced that a US aid worker back from Sierra

Abidjan, 18 March 2015 – Africa has recorded impressive economic growth over the last decade, its ability to address emerging challenges will be strengthened by investing in citizens’ health, education and participation in society, said

Freetown, Mar 16, 015 (MOHS) - The Ministry of Health and Sanitation in collaboration with WHO, UNICEF and Action Aid has started the Decontamination of the Sengbe Pieh Secondary School at Hamilton village ahead of