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September 2009

The Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) has expressed regret over the decision of the Special Court in sending kamajor war leaders to serve their sentences in Rwandan prisons, and is calling that they be imprisoned

"High youth unemployment and drug trafficking continue to impede the consolidation of peace" says UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon My concern with Youth development and growth in Sierra Leone could go as far back as 1992

Will our youths ever have a change of attitude in the positive towards politics, patriotism and economic development in the country? The question may not sound as striking but is sure one that merits deeper

Hon. Alhaji Alpha Kanu, Sierra Leone's Minister of Political Affairs and Mineral Resources who is en route to Freetown via London, UK never disappoints when it comes to projecting his country's image. His eloquence and

The District Educational Council Primary School has made history as an institution where the girl-child has performed more in academic work than the boys in their grades, in examinations as well as in class performance

The Academic Award Foundation, a non profit organization based in UK has donated school items, including school fees and lunch allowances to primary school pupils from various municipal primary schools in Freetown as part of

The security situation in the country's capital, Freetown and the Provinces is not safe. According to observations, the Sierra Leone Police, who are supposed to protect lives and property, has been blamed for working contrary

Sierra Leone has been marred by a series of human right abuses as reported by local media and many times by Sierra Express.  Human rights abuses like police brutality, domestic violence, rape, armed robbery have

The educational system in the country is rapidly deteriorating and Kailahun is no exception. In the past the country was well renowned for its academic excellence throughout the West Africa sub region. One of the

I must start off by commending you Mr. President for your recent speech at the UN Summit regarding developments at home. I need not overemphasized that you have made some progress in your tenure as

A mans life is expected to run the length of three scores and ten years. In the case of the late PC.Martin Ndapi Torto, he completed the seventy years and even added more to it.

The concept of attitudinal change has gone a long way, as Director of Attitudinal and Behavioral Change, Philip Conteh and team, on Thursday 24th September made a sensitization visit to the Ataya Base Youth Center

The current ‘Operation Sweep' introduced by the Freetown City Council to clear the streets of the city of hawkers and traders, has being criticized by a cross section of residents of Freetown who have described

Following Sierra Leone President's Town Hall Meeting in New York City, SLPP New York Chapter Says APC Government Needs Reality Check; Urges Less "Spin" NEW YORK, NY, USA - The New York Chapter of the Sierra

I have returned to the above headline in view of all that continues to be said and written about Bumbuna after its recent commissioning. To begin with I must salute the APC government and the