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Think Again, Dr. Sama Banya, think again

Think Again, Dr. Sama Banya, think again

Nothing could be more sinister and outrageous than one attempting to shelve the truth with fabricated statements of his own imagination. That’s exactly what I have observed in Dr. Sama Banya’s writings.

In attempting to react to my article in which I highlighted some potent facts that took place during the reign of the SLPP when some APC elements decided to pitch tents with the then ruling party, Dr Banya wrote of me in this paragraph, “…this Kpaka who for all I know may be drawing attention to himself because he has been away for long and now needs a job; or he is so ignorant of the calibre of the leadership of the SLPP he thinks they could be led like sheep…”. He continued…”now quite frankly Mustapha Kpaka how many times did the SLPP gloat over its new VIP members compared to the number of times within a year that the APC has presented the same faces to its people…”.

To start with Dr. Banya, I am not and I repeat, NOT a job seeker in this government. Rightly so, I have been in the US for close to twenty years but have always been to my country every year, in some instances, twice a year. I even visited my country during her dark days. I am well to do with a secured and respectable job in the US. So the question of searching for a job in Sierra Leone does not arise.

I will continue to ring it to your ears and to all those who care to listen that you are misleading the SLPP with your rantings. You have become more of a liability to the party than an asset. Your continuous dismissal of defections from the SLPP to the APC will lead to complacency, the impact of which could only be felt when the 2012 election results are released.

For you to even mention that the APC continues to present the same faces to its people, is not only deceptive but idiotic on your part. Are people like Dauda Tombo Bangura, Fatmata Hassan, Osman Toloson Kanu, Alhaji Y.D. Kamara, A.O. Kamara, Dr. S. B. Saccoh etc. be regarded as the same people? Tell me Dr. Banya, please tell me. All these people mentioned above were key players in the SLPP especially in the Northern region which resulted to the party making significant inroads in the North in both the 2002 and 2007 elections. They did not only supported the SLPP morally but spent a huge chunk of their hard earned monies to ensure that the SLPP becomes acceptable to the Northerners. They achieved that to a large extent. Should it therefore not be of a serious concern to the SLPP if these people have today resigned from the party and move over to the APC? Only political dinosaurs like Dr. Sama Banya will dismiss such a horrible development.

Another unpardonable act is the belief in Dr. Banya through his articles that the SLPP will win the 2012 elections. To me, such a thinking is a mere figment of imagination. Even the International Community now support and advocate for a two-term presidency for a sitting African Head of State. Where will the SLPP get the wherewithal to defeat the incumbent President who is bent in grabbing a second term? Think again Pa Banya, please think again.

Mustapha Abu Kpaka, Washington-USA

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