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Lara’s Exit Casts Huge Doubt Over Sierra Leone Government’s Accountability

Lara’s Exit Casts Huge Doubt Over Sierra Leone Government’s Accountability

The industrious and highly ethical financial civil servant, Lara Taylor-Pierce has been told to go and wait while we investigate you”, by the Government of Sierra Leone for unexplained reasons.

The news dropped like a bomb on social media which was awash with the trend as one of the best remaining female icons of decent administration in the Bio led government was finally being shown the exit door.

The government action stated that she was being suspended indefinitely and this did not specify whether she would resume work or not.

However, inside sources spoke of a wild long chase being conducted behind Lara and this may likely end her civil service career as the Auditor General of Sierra Leone because it was doubtful whether she would be asked to return to work or proceed on permanent leave to retirement.

She has been in charge of the highly respected institution for being very prompt and accurate in reporting the country’s expenditures and returns for ten years and this yielded fruits in reposing a lot of public confidence in the Audit Service Sierra Leone as probably the best and last remaining public office corruption has not influenced.

In 2020, the ASSL exposed high government ineptitude on corruption and this raised the profile of the institution to a high-level bar that shook the power moguls of the capital.

Confirming the news on Thursday Lara herself confided to close relatives, friends, and others, but the BBC’s Umaru Fofanah further revealed that her excursion to go and wait was a State House Order on Thornton Hill which mandated the Office of Attorney General to set up a tribunal that would look into the conduct of the Audit Service Sierra Leone.

According to portions of the letter, they indicated that the proposed tribunal would investigate the Office of the Auditor General to determine whether it has been delivering professional performance, or lacking. 

John Koroma is the Managing Editor of The Nation: Business & Finance in Freetown and when asked his views about what the language of the letter said and its intention to both Lara and the Government. The Journalist and Rights Activist shared his experience with Sierra Express Media saying that the letter was two-fold. First, Mr. Koroma said the government had acted very professionally by not casting any blame on Lara or accusing her of any wrong-doing but it’s like the friendship was over and they don’t prefer her again reading another worrisome report which might likely change the narrative of the highly publicised Millennium Challenge Corporation score Card, as the previous report affected its standing.

On the other hand, it still doubtful what Lara and another senior colleague have done as she has stated it but the political hawks in the Bio Administration would seem not to believe her and want her back exposed and disgraced as a way of revenge for subduing them to shame and ridicule in 2020.

Freetown was stunned Thursday evening about the news and many expressed doubt over the government’s action, which one commentator described it as it casts a huge doubt over the government’s accountability.

Meanwhile there has been no further reaction from the government at State House as to when the tribunal would sit and its terms and references. 

The public so far as remained quiet but it is not surprised at the action of the government which is largely believed to be vindictive. From social media bloggers, independent Journalists and the Institute of Governance Reforms have all raised eyebrows.

In their latest press release that follows the suspension of Lara Taylor-Pierce, IGR said it was “shocked and dismayed” at the unexplained suspension. The IGR added that they were appalled by the move, particularly coming weeks close to the release of the next Audit Service Report in December.

They have called for reasonable explanations for the exit government of the Chief Auditor of the state.

Reactions from citizens are shown below!

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