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APC Has Never Interfered In SLPP’S Rule – Sidi Yaya Tunis

APC Has Never Interfered In SLPP’S Rule – Sidi Yaya Tunis

The acting Publicity Secretary of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Sidi Yaya Tunis has told Sierra Express Media that since the SLPP came to office, they have been blaming the APC of not allowing them to govern the country.  (Photo: Ag. Publicity Secretary Sidi Yaya Tunis)

He said this has been very baffling to them as they are yet to understand how they are not allowing the SLPP to rule because they have never interfered in their policies nor have they staged protests to disrupt the peace of the country.

“The SLPP officials have been saying this for the past two years with no evidence to prove their point. Infact it is we in the APC should be complaining of what we have been going through. We have never been given the space to operate as an opposition party, because our MPs have been beaten and kicked out of Parliament. We have been brutalized in the Tonko Limba and Constituency 110 at Goderich bye elections. Our party office in Freetown has been tear gassed and some of our members have been incarcerated for months.”

Mr Tunis said these are the evidences that we are not been given the space to operate but the SLPP cannot give such evidence that APC have stopped them or brutalized them that would affect their rule.

He said APC has never taken the law into their hands as they have always obey the law by following the rule of law.

With all these happenings to our members and party we have followed the process by going to court or calling on the police, but they have never asked their members to demonstrate or cause mayhem in the country.

“But we are being blamed by the day for all the failures of the government and they cannot tell us how we have been stopping them or influencing the people to protest or cause uncertainty in the country. This government came into office with vengeance against the APC and since then they have been venting their anger on our party and supporters by sacking them from so many institutions without pay, locking us up for as long as the police want to keep us and making sure we do not exercise out human rights.”
He said whenever there is a audio over the social media that opposes them they will link the person to APC. Even if the individual would have made it clear that he is not a member of the APC they will still blame the party.

Mr Tunis said when former President Koroma took office in 2007, he made sure that all the SLPP ministers he met worked for 90 days before handing over to the APC so that there will be a smooth transition. He said even High Commissioners and Ambassadors were in office for months before they were recalled, but for the current SLPP as soon as they took over ministers and foreign diplomats were sacked and no formal handing over were done, instead they set up the Government Transition Team that came out with a biased report calling all APC ministers and other officials thieves and corrupt.

“APC did not fight or demonstrate but went to the court that has yet to give ruling or assigned our cases until today. But they still point fingers at us that we are not according them the chance to govern. We are still waiting to know what we have done to stop them from governing so that we will be able to give them the chance. The only thing that I can think of is that because of all they have done to the party and we have not retaliated, maybe that is the reason why we are not allowing to govern the country.

The acting Secretary averred that when they have failed to draw us in their fight, they turned their attention to the party’s Chairman and Leader former President Koroma that he refused to resign and that is affecting their rule.

“For Godsake, the former President is APC and since he handed over power he has been very quiet not interfering in the government and will only speak when he has reason to with his party. If the APC members still want him to lead the party what is the business of the government and SLPP. How does that affect them when he has nothing to do with them? Majority of the members of the APC still want him as Chairman and how does that affect SLPP rule? “

Former President Koroma who is the Chairman and Leader of the party Mr Tunis says will hold on to that position until October when the party will hold their convention and the people will have the right to decide what they want.

Mr Tunis said they will never give in to blackmail now would they be pushed to do the wrong thing, but they will obey the laws of the land and will settle all matters that they feel aggrieved in the court of law.

He called on all members of the party to not give in into the threats they are receiving but they must continue their optimism and positivity because APC is not a party known to be violent, disloyal or aggressive, but they are law abiding and respectful.

He averred that APC will never interfere in the government rule but they will perform their role as opposition and no threats will make them be violent or stop from performing their duties to build a better Sierra Leone.

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