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SLPP Wants 100% Control of Everything

SLPP Wants 100% Control of Everything



By Sylvia O. Blyden (in photo)

I have seen a shocking article that I have to swiftly react to! I totally disagree with the lead article by @⁨Mr Sorie Fofana⁩ in GLOBAL TIMES today Friday October 19th 2018 entitled as “SLPP KILLING ITSELF SLOWLY”. Sorie wants to take this country backwards to NPRC Military Govt corruption days.

Global Times has deliberately pretended to miss the great work initiated by Pa Kabbah (between 2004 to 2007) and strongly built upon by Ernest Koroma for over ten years (2007 – 2018) in de-politicising the procurement processes, making the process very competitive to all regardless of their tribe, party colours, gender or age and effectively removing as much corruption as possible from government procurements.

The APC completely de-politicised the procurement process even to the detriment of the APC.

To make matters worse, we somehow as an APC led government allowed known SLPP sympathisers to become the Government Procurement Officers in most of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

Because the process was now virtually free of APC political influence, the pro-SLPP Procurement Officers just empowered the SLPP Businessmen!

I believe it is the same pro-SLPP Team that are still in charge of procurement. So why the grumble? I know why.

The dangerous information I am getting is that, even with most of the Government Procurement Officers already being SLPP supporters, the SLPP now wants 100% POLITICAL CONTROL OF ALL GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT. The SLPP wants to revert back to the dark days of “Central Tender Board” disaster that caused so much corruption in our country under the NPRC and SLPP.

Pa Kabbah, fed up with centralised corruption, started the process of dismantling the Central Tender Board in the twilight of his presidency. When Ernest Koroma took over Government, the APC completely de-politicised procurement and completed the job which Pa Kabbah had started.

I suspect that the erroneous claims inside today’s GLOBAL TIMES article are deliberately done to justify whispers of the creation of a proposed so-called SUPER PROCUREMENT UNIT to be created inside Finance Ministry. The unit will just be another Central Tender Board kind of politicised procurement process.

It will be sad and very dangerous!

I hope the Parliament is paying attention to this gimmick which the very clever @⁨Mr Sorie Fofana⁩ is trying to market so innocuously under a misguided title of “SLPP Killing Itself Slowly”. I always tell people that Sorie is a master in playing P.R. mind games. Please let us wake up to the DANGER?☠? of what is being marketed subtly by Sorie. Sierra Leone deserves better!
☠????The dangerous piece

SLPP Killing Itself Slowly

By Global Times Sorie Fofana

If there is anything the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is good at, it is the penchant for self-destruct. The grand old party maybe good at winning elections, but has very poor records of retaining and maintaining political power.
Bequeath the SLPP with a political power and see how fast it sets in motion the wheels of self-annihilation.
We recall, with great sadness, stories of how the Tejan Kabbah-led SLPP government consistently used to empower political opponents who later ganged up against the party in the 2007 and 2012 elections.
That the Tejan Kabba had ministration did not only maintain a laissez faire attitude towards everything under the sun during it rein in power, but it also physically, in some cases deprived SLPP party stalwarts of some privileges and entitlements in the name of political correctness.
And while the opposition APC was strengthening its stronghold in the North and West, the SLPP bases in the South and East were crumbling like a pack of cards due to the marginalization and downright deprivation of her core supporters.
Amid a groundswell of discontent, the SLPP was booted out of power in 2007; dead broke and had to rely on individual contributions and support from some friendly business people to function as a political party. We thought lessons would have been learnt from the foregoing. But hell No.
Stories of how some powerful SLPP members are influencing the award of contracts in some MDAs in favor of some unscrupulous APC business people to the disadvantage of business people who supported the SLPP while in opposition are now well documented.
We note particularly with consternation how some crooked business people with strong links with the APC who were named in the Government Transition Team (GTT) Report as having engaged in egregious corruption in the last decade are now in fact wielding their financial muscles in the corridors of most MDAs.
With the support of some unscrupulous procurement managers, unnecessary restrictions have been placed in the ways of new business people, including those who toiled with the party when it was in opposition.
Thus the influence of some old crooked business people continue to reign supreme as they win every contract in every MDA much to the chagrin of supporters and sympathizers of the party.
No doubt, the SLPP would have crumbled ahead of the 2018 election, but for the goodwill of these `philanthropists’.
It is an understatement to emphasize the point that power, the world over, is about patronage and reward. That means that those who had sacrificed their time, effort and energy for the party; deserve the full recognition and reward. They are the trusted loyalists of the party with whom to do business.
It makes no sense therefore for this New Direction administration to continue to senselessly empower the same old crooked business people, while those who toiled with them are left to die and rot. Or have they forgotten so soon how useful and helpful these business people were to the common cause of returning the party to power?
And have they now placed individualism above collectivism and set in motion the wheels of self-destruction like they did during the Tejan Kabbah era?
We advise President Bio to beware of people who now call themselves the President’s eyes and ears. May common sense prevail!
Above is the Danger from GLOBAL TIMES that I have reacted to. Let us nip it in the bud. Procurement should not be for only SLPP. It should be competitive, liberal, open to all regardless of party, tribe, region, age or gender so as to get the best value for our money and prevent corruption. That is what Pa Kabbah and Pa Koroma left for us. PAOPA should not take us back to NPRC Military Govt corruption days! Lonta!
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