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As A Result Of Severe Political Intimidation Former Bike Riders’ Chairman Runs For His Life

As A Result Of Severe Political Intimidation Former Bike Riders’ Chairman Runs For His Life

The former Western Area Regional Chairman, former Vice president – Sierra Leone Athletics Association, Western Area and former Chairman of all Chairmen, Abdulai Lamin Conteh who was leading well over 145,000 Commercial Motorbike Riders, hastily left the shores of Sierra Leone on the 26th June, 2018 due to deadly humiliations and desperate search to have killed him by the ruling SLPP government. He updated this Medium on an exclusive interview that their Union is not a political institution. They are service provider who normally works with the government of the day, when they are needed. “Based on our quality services provided to the past regime, with forceful pronouncements made by my humble self under serious duress with the presence of armed military personnel in favour of that regime, the irreversible search for my life emanated. That occurred sometime in March this year, during the concentrated political campaigns. Though, we were offering the same services to other political parties, me being the Leader went through heated humiliations and attacks”. Conteh revealed.  (Photo: Photo of Former Bike Riders’ Chairman teaching his compatriots)

According to the erstwhile Vice President of the SLAA, those vindictive hunts with serious family attacks intensified on the 25th June, 2018 when he was called with 532 executive members to an emergency intimidating meeting by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs who doubles as the Public Relations Officer( PRO) of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), specifically to fire all of them with strong threatening remarks on him as the influential Leader, on the pretext of having relations with the then Defence Minister, Retired Major Palo Conteh and the past APC government.

Following that ugly event, Conteh told this Press that he called a Press Briefing on the 26th June, 2018 in order to update the Media, his general membership and the public on the abrupt decision taken by the Minister mentioned above. He exclaimed that in no time he received an intelligence that he would be arrested at the end of that meeting, which they described as an inciting one to the newly elected government. Abdulai, in a telephone interview disclosed in a rather unpleasant mood that he left Freetown for the Lungi International Airports that same moment, travelled to Nigeria the following day.

Abdulai Lamin Conteh was residing with his family at 94L George Brook, Dwazack farm- Freetown, whose business was located at 1 Main Road, Congo town. “Devoid of my tremendous efforts made towards training my subjects, applicable to maintaining professional best practices, and to abide by the rules and regulations set therein, various government functionaries were calling my line with strong statements to take my life. In fact, I was lucky when Minister Leema invited me to his office first week in June this year to discuss the way forward. Surprisingly, he threatened to kill me if I do not find my way out of the country, and pinpointed that my presence is a serious threat to them”. Cried Abdulai.

Furthermore, the former Chairman intimated this medium that his dwelling house was ransacked by thugs sent by the Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, huge sum of money and properties were carted away; the same was applied to his shop at the aforementioned address. Conclusively, he said with a trembling voice that his wife and children were brutalized. And that only God Almighty knows their present location and plight as he has lost communication with them. He presumed that they must have been on the run for their lives.

By: Allieu Lamin Kamara

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