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As Free Education Starts On Wrong Footing …

As Free Education Starts On Wrong Footing …

Bio Launches Sparse Free Education Package

After the “most powerful” Chief Minister who is virtually playing the role of the Vice President selectively called that pledged event to order, the minister of basic and secondary school education, Mr. Alpha Timbo bogusly dilated on educational transformation with special reference to collaborative work and promised to actualize the president’s flagship program, but unfortunately quite a good number of vulnerable and less privileged children right across the country were not targeted, but instead only 2.4 million pupils of a population of 7 million people, of which school going children are the majority were targeted.

The concern that most Sierra Leoneans are raising is the fact that the stipulated number of pupils mentioned above was not specified in the presidential manifesto that was used to canvass the electorates deceitfully. There was a wide exclamation from the audience when Minister Timbo made an outburst with regards cohesive governance when some major instrumental players of the main opposition, All Peoples Congress (APC) had been painfully dismissed as he said that the government is open to all political parties. He was perceived by the audience of making mockery of himself by uttering such statement.

Another contradicting statement made by Minister Timbo was when he made a cohesive statement by calling everyone to make our schools great, as if their government cares about cohesiveness.  He further said that what they have written can never be erased, but it is sad enough for the people of this country to vividly discern that what was written in the SLPP’s Manifesto relatable to this free quality education is contrary to the current happenings.

That attentive crowd  raised eyebrows when the Minister of Finance and Economic Development (MOFED), J.J. Saffa made a policy statement that 75% of bank accounts for primary and secondary schools have been opened, but in response to that people started murmuring with regards to the time elapse considering the month of September just around the corner.

There was a loud cry from the public that they are afraid as this flagship programme of the government lacks proper planning which possesses the tendency to woefully fail, though they are wishing good.

J.J. Saffa ambiguously stated that Le 3.4B have been disbursed for the payment of salaries for the month of August, 2018 specifically to the SSS 3 (Special) teachers across the country. The masses were emphasizing on the meagerness of such an amount and that it will obviously discourage other teachers whose roles are eminent but are not directing teaching that category. Most concerned citizens were expecting the government through the Ministry of Basic and Secondary schools to have apportioned that meager amount across the board so that every teacher should have been benefited.

The underperformed Finance Minister bogusly disclosed that the purchase of 50 buses is in progress. But the audience were baffled and referred to that assertion as undefined, considering the large number of government and government assisted schools across the country that lack transport facilities.

“Even within the Western Area Rural district, those numbers of buses to be purchased could not match the prevailing population of pupils, let alone the entire Western Area, not to mention the whole country,” exclaimed the people.

Other segments that are applicable to the subject for discussion will be published in our subsequent edition!

By: Allieu Lamin Kamara

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