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State Opening of Parliament, APC MPs set to march out

State Opening of Parliament, APC MPs set to march out

In the March 7, 2018 Elections, the APC won 68 parliamentary seats making the party the majority party in Parliament. The APC was thus poised to take leadership of parliament, reflective of  the will of the people of Sierra Leone. However, The people of the Republic of Sierra Leone have currently been denied this opportunity, with police officers forcibly removing APC members of parliament from the well of parliament, a constitutional breach never before seen in the country.

In a bid to prevent deterioration of the situation, ECOWAS initiated negotiations that saw the APC returning to parliament, and the injunctions against its MPs vacated.

During the negotiations mediated by ECOWAS, the APC reiterated its stance that the actions taken against its MPs in parliament were  carried out to thwart the electoral intent of the people of the country for a parliament that is not headed by the Sierra Leone People’s Party( SLPP).

In view of this the APC also maintained that steps be taken to reconstitute the leadership of parliament in accordance with constitutional provisions and reflective of the will of the people of Sierra Leone.

In the presence of the ECOWAS negotiating teams it was agreed by both the APC and SLPP that the SLPP should put on hold the interview of Presidential nominees until after Friday 4th May 2018 the date slated for the swearing in ceremony of the APC members of parliament.

This was not done. The SLPP went ahead to interview more nominees on Saturday 5th May 2018 against the advice of the APC leadership in Parliament; that the Committee on Appointments and other committees are not properly constituted in accordance with the provisions of the Standing Orders of Parliament.

Cognizant of these SLPP acts of bad faith,  their disrespect for the   Will of the People, disregard for Parliamentary Standing Orovisions, and the input of APC in the current processes before parliament, the APC will take the following course of action:

  • APC members of Parliament will match out of the well of Parliament on the state opening of parliament on Thursday 10th May 2018.
  • Serve notice in the Supreme Court for an interpretation of the following:-
    (a) Whether the Proclamation made by the President convening Parliament for the election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker is in accordance with law.
    (b) whether the purported election of Dr Abass Bundu as Speaker fulfills the constitutional requirements as an individual for the position of Speaker and whether the said Dr Abass Bundu and his Deputy were elected in accordance with the law.
    (c) Further actions within the provisions of the law and democratic rights of the citizens
    of Sierra Leone may be advised as the situation unfoldsSigned
    Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh
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