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Blatant Abuse – Political Party Offices Turn Ghettos

Blatant Abuse – Political Party Offices Turn Ghettos

Violence is now becoming difficult to eliminate among young people because political parties that are supposed to preach against violence are creating spaces as cartels and ghettoes for our future leaders to involve in drug addiction, alcoholism and excessive smoking.

It has now become a norm among political pundits to give narcotic drugs to idle young people that preferred to follow the evil ideologies of selfish politicians to cause mayhem against peaceful citizens at the detriment of the future of the country.

What is most disheartening in our society today is that even the youngest political party in the land created space where young people meet to take intoxicant which have caused many of them to go crazy instead of given them opportunities to involve in productive activities.

During political rallies, politicians buy cheap hard liquor for heartless young people to intoxicate their brains and misbehave in important social gatherings at this electioneering period when the entire world is looking forward to us as a nation with the expectations that we shall organize a peaceful, credible, transparent, free and fair elections come March 7th 2018.

But “how as a nation, shall we totally desist from any form of violent when heads of our political institutions are busy promoting the act?” some concerned Sierra Leoneans and non-citizens queried, adding that political rambling can only be minimize in our society if all cartels and ghetto structures are destroyed in all political parties.

Drugs, alcoholism and excessive smoking have become very common among youths in town and cities where the practice may be highly copied.

The issue of taking intoxicants among young people is attributed to the lack of job and the refusal of some of them to be submissive to people considered well to do in society so that they would learn and become self-reliance and peaceful citizens.

It will be very important for us as a country if lined organizations like the Civil Society and other humanitarian institutions take the venture to engage all political heads to discourage young people from unwanted practices or behaviors in their distinct constituents’ offices.

It is only in this country one can see politicians are demonstrating pride for bad boys who are pushing their agenda forward to distract their political opponents by intimidating them.

This writer is therefore appealing to all Sierra Leoneans to embrace peace before, during and after elections so that we shall continue stabilizing the nation’s development and protect our national integrity.

By Abdulai Mento Kamara

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