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Autism Acceptance Ambassador

Autism Acceptance Ambassador

Autism awareness is in full swing since we launched it in Sierra Leone on Saturday 1st April 2017. In our country, the existence of this condition is virtually unknown by many but its reality is undisputed.

Therefore, we think Autism awareness should go on and on to educate the public with positive messages about autism, acceptance and inclusion.

How to Take Action for Autism Awareness

We want to put an end to the stigma, negative stereotypes and bullying by introducing a new programme known as Acceptance Ambassador Initiative. This initiative encourages self-advocates, parents, educators, families, and professionals to get out in their communities to talk about autism.

The initiative is inspiring new ways for children and adults to think about, interact with, and include the autistic.  It’s never too late for you to pledge to take action by becoming an Acceptance Ambassador. This initiative is new and already making an impact in some other countries.

For us in Sierra Leone we are looking for people who can join us today to play important roles to make autism awareness in the country take prominence.

To participate as an Acceptance Ambassador, you can use these 7 positive ways to spread autism awareness in schools, communities, at home etc:

  1. Give Kids / Adults a Comic Relief like experience.
  2. Take people on an adventure such as outing, picnic, party, or show.
  3. Draw images that inspire children and take them to their schools, or homes, or communities that bring them fun and education about autism.
  4. Shine a spotlight on self-advocates by encouraging them to step out to tell their stories.
  5. Graffiti about Autism helps to inspire positive thinking about awareness and inclusion.
  6. Uase story-telling as an inventive method to encourage children tell their situation.
  7. #Hashtag for better understanding.

If you are interested in this new initiative campaign and willing to make an impact at home, school, or neighbourhood community, please contact us at:

Stop It-Sierra Leone

Ground Floor, East Wing

17off KIngharman Road




John Koroma

Founder and Executive Director




NB: Stop It-Sierra Leone is a non-profit seeking to help victims of abuses gain recognition and justice

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