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MPPA stresses importance of trust and credibility

MPPA stresses importance of trust and credibility

The Honorable Minister Madam Nanette Thomas and her able Deputy Minister; Hon. Ackmed Femi Mansaray, made it clear across all in a meeting held at the conference room at the M.P.P.A. that all employees under this ministry, must try to build up trust and credibility among us which others will give everyone the will to provide quality content and commitment to dedicate loyalty. This meeting was held with the entire management staff MPPA, the APRM, and the Office of Diaspora Affairs (ODA) (Photo: Nanette Thomas and Ackmed Femi Mansaray)

Looking at the ministry’s component, the Honorable Minister explained to the attendees on the main reason why people are getting to recognize the political prowess and the competencies of these two leaders in this ministry. This ministry cares for all the wellbeing of the people. In other words, the concerned about the peoples’ affairs, good governance and the quality information giving out to people, had always created trust and credibility among all ministries. People will love to come for more political advice with more respect.

The quagmire which the minsters are having with APRM and ODA is always due to the fact that, these branch bodies in this ministry are sideling the communication chain of command.  Madam Minister warned attendees that, all communication must have the approval of the ministry. She also reiterates all employees not to be unproductive and undisciplined, which will not go down well with the code of ethics.

The Deputy Minister lucidly emphasized that, many employees did not know the power of having a quality and content leadership or any place of work. He continued to tell the attendees that some of you are lucky by being employed here at this ministry. The public’s criticism and negative perception of others within other ministries will be looking at us conspicuously as if we are not to the standard. This lethargy and sluggishness will not be tolerated. All we want as ministers is just to get our ministry up and running like other ministries.

Painstakingly, a ministry is just like an ordinary brick and mortar in the real world. If you are not creating any values within your domain of your ministries, then no minister or government officer will buy your values and you will not get any repeated sales. What you need to do first is to build your trust and credibility with the ministry, ministers, or the public. You will have to give before you receive trustworthiness with others around you.

Retrospectively, Madam Minister also cautioned some members within the ministry of the unwanted needs of strategic thinking in lieu of strategic plan of action which the ministry would need for the next two to three years. She further expressed her concerned that you and I are dealing with human beings and not computers. Computers are just the tools that connect between you and other human beings all around the world. So you will have to create more value to them if you want to achieve much more to your success as an employee of APRM, Office of Diaspora and the Ministry of Political and Public Affairs. Madam Minister gave APRM and ODA assignment which are the policy issues to be documented as soon as possible for Cabinet perusal and approval.

Communication Unit – Ministry Of Political and Public Affairs 

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