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Did SLPP learn good lessons from ADP flagbearership convention?

Did SLPP learn good lessons from ADP flagbearership convention?

Every day we learn to live and we live to learn, particularly from both present and past events, be they good or bad. But looking at things, it seems as if the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) deliberately refusing to learn from both present and past happenings in the world, especially in the country’s political activities. They seemingly refusing to learn good lessons from the world’s every day events, especially political events, including Europe, America and African politics. (Photo: Tony Bee, author)

In view of that they also seems not to learn from their present and past mistakes for the success of their party in the country. Therefore, I am constrained to say that they seemingly failed to do that because of their personal prides and political egos of some of their members. They (SLPP) know why they are losing elections to APC, but they always turn blind eyes to that pretending not knowing anything about that at their own expense.

The SLPP know that they normally lose elections to APC because they do not believe in working very hard with honesty for the people in the country like what APC is currently doing. They spent complete 11 years in power but they did very little for the country and for its people, particularly in terms of the improvement of electricity (Kabbah tiger), good hospital facilities, good roads etc.

The fact is, they depend on the promotion of tribalism, regionalism, fake politics and political violence. And also because of their ungrateful attitudes and behaviour towards their fellow Sierra Leoneans, especially those within their own political party. Whether they accept that or not it’s up to them, but it’s an open secret.

They seem to forget that the days of fake or deceitful politics or fake propaganda are over. There is no more room for fake politics or deceitful politics for Sierra Leoneans, especially for those living in the country. Now we live in an Information Age that you cannot easily tell lies or make fake propaganda on people and let you go free. They will go all out to find out.

 Because every town and village in the country now needs progress and development NOT party colour or tribalism promotion or fake propaganda. They need good roads, light, good health facilities, good market facilities, good drinking water and so on.

Whether SLPP like to hear that or not President Koroma APC government is doing extremely well in the country, particularly in terms of infrastructural development and also the improvement of electricity which are any country’s life blood. Sometimes it is good to praise others for their good work and we critique when necessary because no one knows it all.

Anyway it is not yet time to talk politics or write politics. It is time to write, talk or discuss about development, the good work of our law makers, especially the effective monitoring of the shylock wicked business people, land grabbers and the frogmarching of the fake contractors that used to say our governments are in their pockets.

Also on how to keep our country safe from the enemies of peace and development in and out of the country. Our people are tired with violence and war. We should give them peace.

 However, the just concluded Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) convention prompted me to ask the question if SLPP learned any good lessons from the election of flag bearer of that political party.

I decided to ask the question if SLPP cry-baby learned good lessons from their past regular unpatriotic habit of walking out of Parliament. What fruits did they normally yield from their walking out of Parliamentary proceedings?

When David Gbla of Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) worked out of their convention what was his benefit? Who became the victor between him (Gbla) and Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray? The questions are food for thought for SLPP.

Recently after the country’s Central Statistics finished doing hard good work by counting all Sierra Leoneans living in the country they threatened to boycott the pending presidential and parliamentary elections that to be held in 2018. For what they alleged to be unfair or uneven census statistical result.

They further argued that the ruling APC government manipulated the census in their favour, especially for making what they called APC strongholds, which are  the northern and western parts of the country more populated than the South –Eastern areas according to  the result of the census.

Generally speaking since SLPP lost elections in 2007 to APC, anything that is not in their favour is a sham.  Nothing is good in the country for them, particularly to some of the blind progress and development critics or detractors.

For simple logical argument sake, SLPP forgot that when the war started in the Southern part of the country it took some time there before it was extended to the Eastern region. During that time, those who ran to the north-west of the country for their safety, had already gained settlement with good integration, including inter-married in those parts of the country before the war reached there (north-west).

In view of that most of the people from the South-Eastern parts of the country who unwantedly moved to the North-Western Areas of the country for the safety of their lives and families, after the war many of them did not return to their various towns and villages again.

Due to the fact that some of them cannot even identify or recognize their towns and villages again because of the heavy destruction that took place there. It is also because some of their villages are currently being covered with elephant grasses and trees. While others because of the ongoing mining in the North they have gained employments. Others it is because they have lost their settlement completely in the South-Eastern parts of the country as I said.

 In view of that logically compare the population growth in the north-western region, particularly Freetown, the capital city of the country before the war and after the war before we can talk about the South-Eastern population.

However, if SLPP really believe that if they boycott the pending 2018, presidential and parliamentary elections because of the census result in the country that will yield good dividend for them, do let them don’t learn any lesson from David Gbla ADP flag bearer convention walkout. So that the APC will have less campaign job to do in the country.

By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

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