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APC Grows Stronger Everyday

APC Grows Stronger Everyday

With the nominations and approval of various professionals in the recent cabinet reshuffle, many political analysts have dubbed the move as something to watch, something to notify the critics that indeed ‘APC grows stronger every day.’

All the talk about the nominees being misfits and what not, is behind us now, because they have been approved and are all set to deliver. They are men and women on a mission to succeed and add value to the notable maxim ‘Agenda for Prosperity.’ Let it not worry you if few people believe that – because very soon their hard work will be the talk at every junction.

Yes, many people have appreciated and continue to appreciate the good progress that this government has made since its assumption into office in 2007, and they are determined to continue to give them that needful support for years to come. Indeed this is a government that knows what the people want.

Say what you may, President Koroma is a caring and visionary leader, who has been selfless and knows what he is doing every step of the way. If he were allowed to run for a third term, I know he will win en masse. But we are quite satisfied because we know the APC has many capable leaders, people with charisma and vision. This is why the next elections in 2018 is a foregone conclusion that the APC will win again – if you just look at how well positioned the government is. They are very good at delivering the goods.

Yes, APC grows stronger every day, and there is no apology if you are offended by that, but I will advise you to come join the winning team before it is too late. If anything, Sierra Leone is indeed blessed to have a party that cares for the grassroots to be in governance. And since God is fond of ordinary people, which is why He made many of them, it is not far-fetched or pride to chant ‘APC lives forever’ at all.

Both for now, and in years to come, you ought to know that the fondness and respect that people attach to President Koroma, will not grow old at all. People will always refer to him as the one selfless leader that God has given to Sierra Leone, who truly had the welfare of the people at heart. This is not to say he doesn’t have faults, but these faults are mainly the shortcomings of those he trusted. Thank God they have been rightly shown the exit door, and other players recruited in.

These new players, however, must be told that failure is not an option. They must be told to follow in the good example that President Koroma has set. Besides, they don’t have enough time to prove their mettle. 2018 is just round the corner, and it is largely based upon their output that people will determine whether to vote them in again or not. Mind you, President Koroma whom many people support, won’t be running again – so it will largely be to the good results of these new appointees that the next elections will be decided upon. They had better sit tight and go to work right away instead of bluffing around or arguing with each other.

To me, it is not about coming into office that matters, but about what your legacy will be. Say what you may, President Koroma has already made his mark – an indelible mark. There is no way history is going to be written without historians making reference to him and setting him apart as the one president who has achieved much in terms of development and unification. There’s hardly anywhere in Sierra Leone that hasn’t been impacted by his good governance and development. The whole land is filled with his good works – south, east, west, and north.

As APC grows stronger by the day, we pray we will have more of the likes of President Koroma. And for the time being, our prayers are for Heaven to preserve and impart more wisdom to this legendary leader that God has blessed us with. Remain blessed, President Ernest Bai Koroma.

By Chief Sorie Kasunko

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