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Don’t blame the government says DJ Ranks

Don’t blame the government says DJ Ranks

One of Sierra Leone’s music icons Cecil Forde also known as DJ Ranks (in photo), decided to bring to light the many issues of the past, faced in the entertainment industry in the country that he believes has placed the numerous wonder to the public, the loss of respect and benefit to artistes and to help address them with his view.

In an interview with our reporter, the dance hall star said that Sierra Leonean musicians should learn to scowl at cheap popularity and compose in themselves a dignify state of expectations and stop casting blame on the government and lay to rest the act of lambasting government officials and focus on building love and respect among the people. Adding, causes of relegation in the music industry in the country has been crowned by the manner we present our profession and products and that discourages investors, the government and the people to give in there expected support.

“We are the author of our faith and have the power to build and sustain livelihood in our country when we are humble, honest and united in achieving our dreams positively”, Forde stated.

He revealed that the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea has very little to do with the relegation of the music and entertainment industry especially in Sierra Leone.

Forde further said that the entertainment industry experienced a total down turn because of rapid spring of ill-experienced youths most of whom made themselves priceless.

He further revealed that the main body of the Cassette Sellers Association that was led by one Gibril Turay embedded with the responsibilities of ensuring musicians earn valuable dividend from their products later suffered was division. Adding, the suitable and encouraging royalty artistes enjoyed stopped.

He further disclosed that a company that was also known supporting the marketing of local products complained loss in business and closed down.

Forde said that the role of government is expected to complement efforts by a planned and united body that seeks genuine interest of all local artistes in the entertainment industry and not to interfere into our independent rights unless we present issues, which, if necessary, will intervene to help us find a solution.

Furthermore, he said in grief that the entertainment industry will find it difficult to gain the kind of support from people who are being abused at all time in the lyrics of local musicians and that these disrespectful songs that seem to be motivated by certain aggrieved politician fuels civil conflict, hate and poverty among others.

Son of the late Prince Forde, Former Chairman, Board of Directors of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority, Cecil said that it is time local musicians act more maturely and ignore a misuse by frustrated politicians and put to stop the abusive, disrespectful and disgraceful lyrics in songs and be conscious that enjoying the hard earned peace in our country is by shaping our manners.

The 2017-2018 presidential and parliamentary election in Sierra Leone is very crucial to the sustainability of peace and calls on musicians and artistes generally not to be partakers of division among the people through their songs.

DJ Ranks further reveal that the ‘All Stars’ Musicians Union was formed by Dr. Septimus Kaikai, former Minister of Communications in the days of the past Sierra Leone’s Peoples Party (SLPP) and that the intention was to influence certain group of musicians with fund and elaborate unfulfilled promises to be against musicians singing against politicians, adding, musicians that were involved and was not critical in the proposal sourced from another direction a divided entertainment industry today.

I made this interview possible as an effort to make public the essence of unity in the music and entertainment industry for the benefits we deserve and the love of the people of the country especially the children, Forde said.

DJ Ranks disclosed with pleasure that his new video Compact Disc (VCD) and DVD of some of his previous songs is expected to be released at the end of this year and thanks Papa Chindika, owner of BNV Music label, members of the electronics and print media and his fans for their support making him a renowned musician in Sierra Leone.

By Isata K. Njawa

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