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The Endangered Species

The Endangered Species

The near end of Ebola is not good news for a lot of people who have made fortune out of the dreaded Ebola killer viral epidemic. The survival of these people has been endangered by the coming end of Ebola, so, they are endangered species.

The biggest of the endangered species is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Ebola Response Center (NERC), Palo/Paolo Conteh who will definitely lose his fertile job when all Ebola activities end. If Paolo was a heartless man and   had his way, Ebola would have continued till the coming of Jesus Christ.

Among the most endangered species are the members of the countless burial teams across the country. Their fat contract will end with Ebola and Parrot is recommending that they be incorporated into the fat recovery program to prevent them from joining the already soaring number of unemployed starvelings.

Chlorine dealers are also part of the endangered species as the end of Ebola will surely have a negative impact on their business. Those who have already imported large quantities of concentrated chlorine in anticipation that Ebola will last forever will soon be picking the pieces of their shattered dreams as their huge chlorine consignments rot away in the stores.

The NGOs and INGOs who are heavily relying on Ebola to survive are also among the endangered species as the succulent Ebola projects will die together with Ebola and its recovery package. If some of these NGOs and INGOs had the machines, they would have manufacturing Ebola in large quantities so that the projects will continue ad infinitum.

Military and police officers engaged directly in the Ebola war will have to lose their Ebola allowances just after WHO will have declared this nation Ebola-free. So, they are also among the endangered species which also include Epidemiologists, Laboratory Technicians, nurses and other health workers who are on fat Ebola. Manufacturers and dealers in thermometers will lose several customers when Ebola finally dies. They are also the endangered species, not excluding the dealers in food items. While Ebola keeps shattering the national economy, it has been building up the economy of many people.

Professor Parrot
With Joseph Milton Lebbie

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