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Is Yumkella a Lawless Diplomat?

Is Yumkella a Lawless Diplomat?

Father Being Founder is No Registration Card

The former UN Diplomat, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, will definitely be shocked to hear SLPP asking to get a clarification regarding his legitimate membership of the party of which his father, Bai Shebora Yumkella was a founding member. Yumkella has been trying to lead a party to which he does not documentarily and officially belong? That is very interesting!!

Yumkella will now realize that the SLPP is a meticulously bookish party that believes in protocols to the letter, regardless of what your great grand fathers did for the party. The UN Diplomat must not capitalize on the fact that the SLPP is his hereditary property and, therefore, must not have its registration card to prove his true membership.

The SLPP is certainly not satisfied with his hereditary membership. He must register according to the rules and regulations of the party which he intends leading to State House. If he has not and he does not, then Parrot will come to the justifiable conclusion that he is a lawless man who does not believe in obeying rules and regulations, hence, not fit to lead either the SLPP or the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The SLPP is a party that no one should take for granted when it comes to procedures, documentations, qualifications and other forms of legalities. This is a party that strongly believes in documents without which you will risk being expelled.

Ones father being a founding member of the party is no qualification to become an automatically registered member; neither does ones status as a flag bearer contestant makes him a registered member.

Parrot believes that one of the cardinal virtues of a good leader is his ability to obey rules. A leader who consciously or unconsciously circumvents long-established procedures bears the highest propensity to plunge his country into lawlessness.

If Kolleh Yumkella has no membership registration record in the SLPP as stated by the party’s National Treasurer, then Kolleh has all this while been impersonating as member and prospective flag bearer contestant of the SLPP; the party must once more display its legal mindedness by dragging this impersonator to court. That will be no ingratitude on the part of the party; it will simply be a way of instilling discipline into the seemngly lawless former UN Diplomat to tell him that the SLPP does not condone lawlessness.

With Joseph Milton Lebbie

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