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President Koroma’s message to the nation for a period of fasting from Tuesday 20 April to Sunday 18 July 2010

President Koroma’s message to the nation for a period of fasting from Tuesday 20 April to Sunday 18 July 2010

At about the same time last year, I made a similar call to this nation. I am again pleased to virtually repeat this message…

In the life of every nation that believes in the divine nature of the Living God, the Holy Spirit moves and stirs up visionaries and prophets or prophetesses to speak to the people as inspired.

The Lord at times calls us to periods of fasting, repentance, and penitence, leading to restoration, reparation and salvation.

At this particular time in Sierra Leone, our people need spiritual restoration more than ever before, our nation needs spiritual revitalization.

In this respect, I am joining the call by the Body of Christ, led by Sister Wisdom Veronica Conteh, for all Sierra Leoneans to devote themselves to a period of prayer and fasting from 20th April to 18th July 2010.

This call is not only limited to ordinary Sierra Leoneans, but I urge all government ministers, chief executives, ,members of parliament, political party leaders, paramount chiefs, councilors and all leaders to take the lead in observing this period of fasting.

We hold the strong belief that God wants to bless Sierra Leone. And it is only appropriate that we open the doors through this special dedication to a national period of fasting.

Remember to pray for love, peace, tranquility and development to take preeminence in Sierra Leone.

I leave you with the words of the Bible in 2 Chronicles 7: 14, If my people, who are called by my Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Thank you, and God bless Sierra Leone

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  • I am beginning to think that this President is becoming a detaketor in modern history. Why does the people need to fast? The answer is very simply: People need to fast because they dont have enough or nothing to eat during Koroma’s term. This is the fact. I was also fasting regularly when I was in School, not that I like it but I do it because I dont have lunch to eat in the school and I dont want my friends to understand that.

    This is provocation against the people of Sierra Leone. I do understand this during the war but I dont understand it during the president term who is running the country like a family business, which indeed its family business.

    Mr. Presso, are you now a bornagain?

    22nd April 2010
  • Their is nothing more than preaching faith than be faithful to God and the people you serve. Mr. President, Religion and politics are two basic foundamental principles that goes hand in hand in modern politics and lives. They are two different philosophies and principles that need to be separated and should not be miscontrued when analysing them. God, our creator, does command all believers, regardless of being a Limba, Mandingo, temmne, Mende, Fula, etc. to be one and to be fair and truthful in decision amking. That no one should take advantage of the other. I hope your gov. will apply God’s messages in your dealings with minority tribes in Sierra Leone. Put an end to tribalism and apply justice to all. Recognize other tribes and stop the madinalization of people. Be honest and stand firmly for the truth. PLEASE LIFT THE SUSPENSION OF OUR BELOVED PARAMOUNTCHIEFS.

    22nd April 2010
  • This is a very good move and the benefits for all of us will be plentiful.
    OUR Country will be blessed by the Lord, if everyone sticks to 6 months fasting.
    We should encourage all the bars, restaurants to remain partially closed for the period of Fasting.

    21st April 2010

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