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President Koroma gives Strasser deserving comfort

President Koroma gives Strasser deserving comfort

The road was narrow and thorny but made clear and smooth sailing with President Koroma’s initiative to Rtd. Capt. Valentine Esegravo Melvin Strasser, former Head of State of Sierra Leone’s National Provisional Ruling Council’s Government when honoured at the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) Decoration and Promotion ceremony held at the Officers Mess Wilberforce Barracks in Freetown.

In Sierra Leone politics, criticism of Pull Him Down Syndrome (PHDs) and ‘bad heart’ seems to be one of the most popular pastimes of the day. Almost anyone can tell you what is wrong with our political system, and their censures range from the bantering to the impassionate. In the end no phase of political life is untouched by the deluge of critical comment.

It takes little difference whether the critic knows of what he speaks or not. The person without conscience would say I am incompetent to say the President has given Strasser a new life but the truth is any blind man without a walking stick, be it a real stick or a human lead is always blind to the truth and struggles to find his path. Strasser deserves the recognition and honour bestowed on him. Except if, you are biased in your assessment and thinking, Strasser was such a fine military leader. He deserves all it takes to making him happy out of frustration in his little village of Allen Town.

The Bible says “When you are blessed, remember your brethren”. And that is exactly what President Koroma has demonstrated. President Koroma’s initiative stands tall today in peculiar relationship to those who support it. In one hand it satisfy the requirement of true leadership, and the truth which is presumably the desire of the supporting public to encourage the move taken by President Koroma to give the past Head of State his due recognition by giving him a place to the High Table among colleague soldiers and other distinguished personalities of high repute.

Political leadership is not a magic term. It entails a sense of maturity, diplomacy in a lime light, patriotism, and selflessness that glorifies all that matters for a society that caters for the destitute, the vulnerable, the rich, the poor, the haves and have nots. Strasser’s presence to some was like a dream. Dreams you know, are sometimes unusual but the story in question is a natural reality destined by God and made possible through Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, one of Africa’s finest leader. I am a civil servant and a journalist. I am not a politician, so please your judgment should be based on facts, truth and patriotism if you intend to critic my commentary or rational opinion. Unless the public is reminded that the existence and recognition of Strasser as once a fine leader is still as valid as ever in all appearances there will be little knowledge of his present status. In Parliament, some specific political doctrines are never discussed but for me I am speaking on the basis of truth and public confidence in our political system and leadership.

My story is merely recognition of the necessity for making the arts and philosophies of one part of the public understandable to other parts of the public. Good will never comes until the real causes of truth are unearthed.

Bringing the curtain down, let me leave you with these words: “Nothing interests the newspaper reader more than the stories about other person’s-failures and successes, the defeats and victories, the comedy and pathos, and all other elements that make life what it is”.

By Jonathan Abass Kamara

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