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Bribry and corruption elimination in Sierra Leone bravo to the police

Bribry and corruption elimination in Sierra Leone bravo to the police

Always there should be time to praise and time to demonise evil doers in the country. As honest and sincere patriotic Sierra Leoneans. We should always learn to give praise where praise is due and respect to who respect is due. Therefore, we should NOT always be critiques of the police, or government, especially for their brutality and corrupt activities in the country. But we should also praise them whenever they do good work in the country. Human beings in generally need praise for their good work. In view of that we should not always focus on the wrong or bad doing of others.

However, we should not give praise and respect to those who demand such expensive commodities. They do not deserve such outstanding reorganisation because of their unpatriotic and unnationalistic corrupt attitude and behaviour at the expense of the nation. They have to work very hard to achieve such golden praise and respect, particularly by changing their corrupt way of life in the country.

However, as I said, praise and respect are worth given to the police because of the following things that I think they did very well in the country, such as the recent alleged arrest of some corrupt police officers for an alleged taking bribe from commercial drivers and Bike (okada) riders, the dismissal of some police officers by the Hon. Inspector General of Police, Francis Alieu Munu for allegedly killing innocent, defenceless, harmless and powerless civilians in the country, the arrest and detention of the alleged cows armed robber Paramount Chief of Kambia district, kukuna village and also the alleged arrest of one of the Members of Parliament (MPs), Hon. Alieu Badara Munu, for Kambia district constituency 38,of the ruling APC government for allegedly violating the health emergency bylaws. Few months ago, the police also arrested and detained some members of SLPP for an alleged violation of the health emergency rules in the country. Such law enforcement indicates that the laws of the country are no longer being dummy laws or toothless bulldog under President Ernest Bai Koroma’s APC government. Therefore, it’s an indication that NO body is above the laws of the land, whether you have BIG title or small in the country.

In view of that, special praise and respect are worth given to those police officers who arrested their colleagues, police officers, especially Inspector Musa Bangura and Assistant Inspector of Police Kanneh in the country for allegedly receiving bribe. I believe they did the arrest not because they are rich; therefore, they are not in need of money to add to their salaries to support their families, relatives and friends. It is because they know that they owe an obligation to GOD and the state. They took an oath that they would always execute their duties with honesty and sincerity as patriots. In view of that, they should always serve the country diligently and faithfully by putting the interest of the nation first rather than corrupt activities.

And I also believe they know that no amount of money will be enough for any human being, especially the corrupt ones. But they as patriots, they have to carry out their sacred duties. Because even if government increases salaries twenty times in the year, a man or woman born corrupt is always corrupt. In fact that is the time when they will expand their extravagant spending power that will lead them to Oliver ask for more, because that will be the time when they will add more number of their houses, cars, wives, concubines and grab more lands from the poor and powerless masses.

However, the said arrest is also an indication that if they, the senior police officers are willing to withdraw from corrupt activities that are currently destroying their good image and hard work in the country, surely Sierra Leone will be one of the best countries to live in Africa, if not in the world. And It is also a pointer to corrupt senior civil servants and corrupt politicians in the country that if they will also stop the corrupt activities in the country surely enough the country will become another Dubai. All the junior police officers and junior civil servants will follow suit because NO body will have to tell them to stop asking for bribe for the job they are paid for every month from the tax payers’ money.

The alleged arrest is also a sign to show that there are many fine, decent, honest and hardworking police officers in the police force. Such officers always put the interest of their country first rather than satanic hell palm greasing; under table kickbacks or the use of corrupt criminal language such as bail yusef, “bail yourself”, in the police stations.

However, sometimes when one think about the harassment, molestation, brutal killing of innocent poor, harmless, defenceless and powerless Sierra Leoneans, including the killing of journalists by some of the unruly indiscipline and lawless police, you will hate to see a police officer around you because you will not feel safe.

In those days, far back in the 70s-early 90s when we were going to school and colleges, when you saw a police officer/s around you, you would be happy because you knew that you were safe. During late hours in the night, if they met you in the street they would ask for your home address and took you home direct without been harassed or molested. They will not take you to the police station to go and harass, molest and extort money from you (bail Yusef nor) as it is now, according to my Radar.

That was the time when criminals and rebels where not so many in the police force. But now according to my Radar, some of them coming from colleges, universities and join the police force with the aim of going to harass, molest, and extorting money from their own brothers and sisters’ Sierra Leoneans to enrich themselves over night with hell blood money because they put on nave-blue Kikiki. They are NOT to protect lives and properties in the country. Some even connived with their fellow Sierra Leonean civilian criminals to loot helpless civilians’ properties, as a case in point, the frequent looting of Youyi Building offices as if there were no securities around in the place, while others are aiding smugglers to invade tax at the expense of the nation, according to my Radar. Generally speaking, corrupt securities pose threat to any country’s economy, peace and stability because they can do anything stupid to get money.

When some of the hard working and dynamic peace, progress and development oriented Sierra Leonean police officers are fighting day and night in helping the eradication of corrupt activities in the country, some of their colleagues are always bent on destroying their hard work for selfish interest. Demeaning the good reputation and dignity of the police force in the country, particularly those who joined the force with the aim of making quick overnight blood money at the expense of the poor masses hard earnings, such unpatriotic corrupt police do not care about executing their sacred duties with honesty and sincerity.

According to my radar, corrupt police officers do not care about their responsibility in the state. What they care about is what they will take home through bribery at the detriment of the poor drivers, Bick riders, business people and court cases. Others will unlawfully go out to harass and arrest innocent peaceful fellow Sierra Leoneans randomly and take them to their police stations leaving the criminals. To only go and crucify them, the poor and powerless civilians with fake or wrong charges in order to extort money from them.

Because they know that the poor helpless and powerless man or woman have nowhere to complain for his or her unlawful arrest, harassment or detention like Australia and other part of the world where you have place to report such issues without asking or taking bribe from you. But in Sierra Leone, if there is, who will listen to you without given bribe? Till he or she gives bribe before they will briefly listen to him or her and that is the end, according to my Radar.

Such unpatriotic dishonest attitude and behaviour are some of the breeding grounds for lawlessness and indiscipline in the country. Because those who have to enforce the laws are sometimes more corrupt than the ordinary people in the country.

If you think my Radar is telling lies, just go to the police station to complain or bail someone, go to customs to clear goods, go to water quay to clear containers; you will know what I am talking about. Go to the hospital for treatment, go to electricity office for meter or light issue, go to the banks for foreign exchange, go to the offices to sign documents for you and go to income tax or court for a case, you will tell more stories about the corrupt and dishonest activities of some Sierra Leoneans in the country. At the end of the day, it is the very corrupt elements in the country that crying down the government for not doing nothing to stop corruption.

However, as I said in one of my writings that my Radar is 24/7 focusing all over my country, Sierra Leone to capture and expose the good and ugly happenings in the country. Even at the most remote village my radar and compass will draw more closely to all good and bad activities that may be going on there, despite the long distance, especially the corrupt Sierra Leoneans activities. Who are great emeries of peace, progress and development in the country, while hard working and honest true patriots both in and out of the country are fighting tooth and nail to rebrand the country’s battered corrupt image, those Sierra Leoneans who think corruption is a way of life to them deliberately refusing to change because of their selfish and greedy satanic habit interest.

By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

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  • I must confess I did not read through ur tirade, but what struck me as funny is the title of your article. By the police arresting a few corrupt elements with it ranks is sufficient proof that corruption is being eliminated? Are you from Planet Earth? What about the corruption at the highest levels of government of the Ebola funds or the ongoing saga of the 100 buses purchased from China? Please if you don’t have anything to write about, why don’t you take a trip to Magazine Cut to see the true state of our capital – Freetown. Its Ok to sit in Sydney and write this nonsense

    22nd July 2015

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