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Warning Political Chameleons … Stay Where You Are!

Warning Political Chameleons … Stay Where You Are!

Some of our politicians are chameleons; they change their political colors as and when they chose depending on the direction the political wind blows. It is commonplace to see a politician belonging to this party today and by tomorrow to another and the following day to another.

But the unique aspect of our own case is that our chameleonic politicians seldom move from the ruling party to the opposition, it is often the other way round. They are political butterflies who always jump on the political bandwagon. They are bandwagon politicians who are not loyal to any political party or political ideology; their permanent interest is their personal aggrandizement via the government of the day.

Such brand of politicians are mushrooming in our beloved Sierra Leone and they are the products of the widely-accepted misconception the politics is a commercial venture and the swiftest means to amass usually ill-begotten or unexplained wealth. These type of politicians have very little to offer this nation but have a lot to exploit from our state coffers.

Woe betides any ruling party to lose elections, these Sugar-Ant freelance politicians will fast forsake that party and gravitate to the victorious party and by so doing they have ended up having the membership cards of the major parties in the country.

I believe politics is about ideologies and one should join a political party because he or she believes in the manifesto and ideology of that party, not because of the conviction that the party can transform him or her to a billionaire overnight. In fairness to these metamorphic politicians, they should not be blamed as many are trying to survive the biting poverty in the country and one way to do so is to jump on the political bandwagon.

However, it is my opinion that such political behavior exhibited by this brand of politicians is not in line with decent politics. Political inconsistency is equivalent to political hypocrisy, so our chameleon politicians must stay where they are; they should emulate the good political example of Vice-President who has never left the APC for any other party and today he is enjoying the reward of his political faithfulness.

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