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Budgeting time and talent for the national security in the Sierra Leone police force

Budgeting time and talent for the national security in the Sierra Leone police force

I was privileged to speak with Inspector General Brima Acha Kamara over the phone, and with the conversation I had with him, listed is the information I learned from the proud son of our soil.

This Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police Force – Brima Acha Kamara’s police experience and long time serving in this department has molded him into the proud rank he holds today. He tried to cautiously emphasize to me that, the Sierra Leone Police Force or any of it’s government entities, will not allow any one to put a price tag on his or her time, otherwise, his department would have been selling themselves short or cashing in on what they are actually worth.

The honorable Inspector-General, further emphasized that, “if anyone wants to take the time to run the calculations, that person would venture to guess the majority of us would discover exactly what we are definitely coming up to on the short end when it comes to our time and talent, none of my personnel needs failure”.

IG Brima Acha Kamara

IG Brima Acha Kamara

The I.G. again underlined that; any government employee who is employed by this government must have one thing in common which is “To Serve and Protect the Government and All Law Abiding Citizens”. He further detailed that, it is outmost important that all the Police Force must make a wise use of all the time and talents through carefully structuring a schedule, limiting unethical activities, and putting our talents where they will best be used for our nation.

The Hon. I.G. Acha Kamara went on to say that, the best place to start, is by taking an assessment of the time from the moment one woke up each morning until bed time.

Getting a little sarcastic, my able I.G., I was able to ask this question.

Due to your stressful daily hours at work, Sir, what do you and your police force accomplish in your 24 hours?  

If I may be permitted, do you have more minutes?

Absolutely, yes! I responded in order for him to continue.  

Thank you and this is how it all goes. Or-Kurugba! To be more precise, we all spend a fair amount of time preparing for our day, managing our homes and families, and possibly commuting, if our business requires us to be on the road, we are always there. Even though these are necessary events in our daily schedules, there are ways to maximize our time by creating efficiency and better structure”.

Okay Boss! And how do you manage your time to accomplish all that?  

All these are accomplished by developing a schedule for us in our police force and our families which we can live with, and through learning to multi-task, we also coordinate the efficient implementation of more than one event at a time, but we all give thanks to God and our political leaders.

Let me be more precise and to the point Mr. Kurugba. A great example of our multi-tasking force here that I would strongly recommend for my able men and women in the Serra Leone Police Force is by being able to return telephone calls immediately, during the time when these officials are traveling around the city and the provinces. We also need to provide them with a headset for all their cell phones and handle their calls while they are on the road. By doing so, these officials will always make sure that; they observe the laws of the land, their local authorities and citizenry they protect.

Another idea I would also recommend to put in place is being more diligent and dedicated to the locals, while on the road, and also being able to handle their police duties. Officials can also carry a small hand-held recorder along with them so that you can dictate correspondence, information about tasks that need to be accomplished, or to record a self reminder. Often the best ideas come when you are away from your office environment.

Thank you Hon I.G. Acha B. Kamara, as my minutes are winding down, do you have anything else you would like to share with me?  

Yes! I thank all my men and women of our police force. I will make sure that, we all limit our extra-curricular activities to those things that are necessary and important to our lives, and those of our citizens of Sierra Leone. We will focus only on activities that should consist of a beneficiary input to us; physically, emotionally, delightfully, and professionally. We will also plan some type of exercise in our week to keep us physically and mentally fit. It’s also good to incorporate activities into your lives that we enjoy such as policing.

Moreover, we want members of the diaspora to not forget us. Become involved in an organization, suggestions and proposals, or other entity wherein you can promote our country, attract tourists, and investors, while we will take advantage of the potential benefits it will bring to our nation”.

Thank you very much and I will call you occasionally or when something else arises.   
Budgeting your time and talent is a very smart move in this police force. Unquestionably, if you have a family, be mindful to be taking into consideration of special events and activities that are a part of your family members’ lives. At times this occurs; it may call for creative juggling. While you would like to attend every event in their lives, this may not be possible, there may be times when you have to pass up an activity. If you have more than one child, you may have to structure a schedule where you alternate attending events for each child.
Most appropriately, the huge payoff never comes and much time and talent that can never be recovered has gone into the project. Let’s not jump on opportunities that appear on our thresholds until you have taken ample time to review them from all perspectives and evaluate whether or not they are worth the amount of time and talent one will be required to put into them. You will also want to give of yourself in areas where you have the best potential for a big payoff.
Irrefutably, budgeting your time and talent is not always easy. It requires a commitment and self-discipline. To make it work most efficiently and effectively, you must become accustomed to thinking in advance, scheduling, and planning. The key is to discover how much or less of yourself you can give, in order to reap the rewards of gaining more time and income for you and your family.
By: Essa Thaim Kurugba, Kambia, Magbema Chiefdom
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