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Ban smoking, the epidemic of anger is a national threat, as smokers go to war in all public places

Ban smoking, the epidemic of anger is a national threat, as smokers go to war in all public places

To control our already deteriorated health sector inherited from the SLPP, the current Minister of Health should be thinking about banning cigarette smoking in government offices and other public places of interest.  Going to burn both ends of the candle with this subject on the smoking ban in public places will be the Koroma’s Administration tough stand. Second hand smoke is too hazardous when inhaled by a nonsmoker, pregnant women and infants. (Photo: An Ex-NPRC Combatant)

In our current generation, the government has already taken away our parental rights where a prison sentence hangs over our heads if we chastise or reprimand our children with a smack. In our colonial era, parents have no predicament befallen on them when tough stands are taken. Our children today, do away with murder, drugs overuse or prostitution. And why; you may well ask? The reason is because the government knows best. Our children are resorting to blackmailing their mothers and fathers with threats of social unjust and social service involvement. By doing this, parents are forced into submission to allow their children to do as they please, smoking cigarette, drugs and alcohol.

As the world is now in the modern age, parents would like to ask our political leaders to please give us back our parental role, as nature intended to deal with our kid’s in our own way. Caring and loving parents do not condone any abuse or excessive beating of a child, but one hell of a good hitting made us think twice before doing wrong the second time.

Why so many rebellious riots are going on in the world to today is, because governments know what’s best. These political powers enforce new laws and expect the nation to abide by them.

We have a lot of educated people out there who know when they are being fleeced. Then you have the ordinary few like me who are not fully aware of the government’s police moves to take back the streets. Prepare yourself, all governing bodies, because people are getting wiser when they start to notice the food on their tables rationed.

Miraculously, if our lawmakers enforce the non smoking ban in public places, this will be a major colossal step to curve teen smoking and drug abuse. Top priorities are school grounds, government offices, restaurant cafes where food is served, which is definitely a justified move and one that we are 100% in act of kindness to support.

There is not an ounce of doubt in my mind that smoking is a very serious health risk. This is a medical issue of importance that has to be addressed, but once again, members of parliament have not thought this through. An even bigger health matter may be on their hands by this imposed law.  Have they given any consideration to the people whose lives are going to be affected where their livelihood is at stake, all because they provide a socializing atmosphere where smokers and non smokers alike gather through their own choice?

If our current political leaders start to increase tobacco taxes and take away their daily food from their mouths, then these chronic smokers will face the consequences of an epidemic of anger. A major health risk can escalate out of this ban if smokers go to war. Politicians have to be well prepared to handle the consequences. Smoking must be banned, barred and restricted in all government offices, school grounds, play grounds and other places of interest.

I myself am a non-smoker, but there are things I enjoy in life and don’t feel they should be taken away from me. What right do our lawmakers in Parliament have to dictate to us of what is right or wrong, Moses did that when he handed down the Ten Commandments.

Our lawmakers still preach of what they think is best. Well, it has to end. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Remember the Lord’s sayings; “He who is without sin cast the first stone”. Well, if the in the house of parliament can hold their hand up to this, and then I gladly give up my rights if they say so.

They say in some parts of the world a heart attack has never been heard of.  If you want to make your own choices in life, then you need to get out of the rat race to stay healthy. Stop polluting the natural air we breathe and live in a healthy environment.

By: Essa Thaim Kurugba, Kambia, Magbema Chiefdom.

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