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Wilberforce Muslims observe Silver Jubilee

Wilberforce Muslims observe Silver Jubilee

In a bid to demonstrate their enthusiasm to serve the religion of Islam and the country, the Wilberforce Muslim Youth Association as part of their silver jubilee thanksgiving function to mark 25 years of successful progress in the community with the help and will of Allah, has organized special prayers for the eradication of EBOLA in the country at the Light of Islam Mosque Wilberforce Village.

In his keynote address on the theme “25 years of perseverance, the success and challenges” Alhaji Madani Kabba-Kamara based his statement on the verse in the Holy Quran in Sura Al-Isra 17 verse 70 “walaqad karamna bani Adam” And We have certainly honored the children of Adam. He encouraged all to seek for more knowledge as the Holy Quran puts premium on the seeking of knowledge in everything you do and congratulated all its members for observing their anniversary in peace, progress, prosperity, stability and tranquility.

Alhaji Madani reiterated that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) prophesied that the Muslim Ummah will be divided into 63 groups and expressed its dismay at seeing people compelling others to be on one group clearly disregarding the statement of the Holy Prophet. He reminded them that the life of this world is a quick passing enjoyment and urged them to be overwhelmed with the sweetness of faith by serving Allah in unity as their motto dictates.

In his remarks, Mr. Sullay Manah Kpukumu Director Policy, Planning and Research in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and founding member of the organization catalogued the reasons for the formation of the organization twenty five years ago which amongst other things was borne out of the dire need of propagating their religious belief in a predominantly Christian dominated community. He noted that Islam was associated with older and illiterate people as the youths at that time hardly willingly mobilize themselves in propagating their religion especially in the Western part of the city.

Mr. Kpukumu .paid tribute to all those who in diverse ways has taken the organization to an enviable position with over eighty members at home and abroad He urged them to continue broadening their Islamic knowledge and reach out to people not only in the community but other areas as the organization is on record to help form several organizations in and around the community.

In his remarks on the topic “youth empowerment and mobilization in Islam” Forces Imam Lt. Col. Alhaji Mohamed Billal Conteh emphasized that what the youths need is to dedicate themselves in prayers, seek knowledge and encourage others to enjoin in good and forbid evil. He encouraged them to fight against the common enemy in Islam which is to spread Islam in unity rather than concentrating in minor differences.

On the Issue of sensitization on EBOLA and its negative impact, Principal Public Health Sister Haja Mariama Mansaray stressed the “ABC” of rules of the virus which is to Avoid Body Contact and report whatever suspected cases to the nearest health facility. She paid tribute to all those that have succumb to the virus and urged all to stop all forms of discrimination against the nurses who are only doing their job to save humanity.

The program was climaxed with the recitation and prayers for the eradication of the EBOLA virus led by National Dawah Agency and the program was chaired by Mr. Abu Bakarr Kamara.

Wilberforce Muslims observe Silver Jubilee

By: – Alhaji Mohamed Wusha-Conteh

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