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Special Ebola Edition – APC Invents Ebola as 100th Tactic

Special Ebola Edition – APC Invents Ebola as 100th Tactic

Sierra Leone has become a place where almost everything is politicized; the people have become so politically hyper-sensitive that they have begun politicizing even the dreaded EBOLA killer disease.

Parrot has heard some Sierra Leoneans saying that EBOLA has been invented by the ruling APC Government to depopulate the South-Eastern opposition SLPP strongholds miles ahead of the 2012 elections-imagine the magnitude of such absurdity. Those disseminating such bizarre message are saying the APC has hired EBOLA experts to be killing en masse opposition supporters via treatment and in fact that is why the virus is just circulating in the South and East which are presumed opposition stronghold regions.

But Parrot is not surprised as we are living in a politically hyper-sensitive republic where almost everything has been politicized down to the color of the clothes we wear and the people we greet. Just wear red and automatically you are APC; wear green and immediately you are SLPP. Greet Pa Ernest and you are APC,   when you smile to Maada Bio, you are SLPP.

The Professor is with the strong view that those politicizing EBOLA are not helping the situation; in reality they are down playing the whole thing and undermining the efforts of anti-EBOLA campaigners. It appears insane for anybody to think that a ruling government can invent an old disease to kill political opponents. Or is it that APC supporters are EBOLA-resistant?

Professor Parrot, With Joseph Milton Lebbie

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  • How about a very slow and inept response by the APC government only because the affected people are from the opposition stronghold. Could it be an attitude of “They are not my people. Let them die en-masse”

    29th June 2014

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