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Who are these unbelieving Thomas town criers of President Koroma’s third term issue?

Who are these unbelieving Thomas town criers of President Koroma’s third term issue?

As I used to say, sometimes one will tend to play low in connection with my beloved country, Sierra Leone’s issues such as social and political because of personal, family and friends commitments as a man with passion for others.  But I have been hearing lots of noise about President Ernest Bai Koroma’s third term of office.  Such noise has made me to put aside my busy schedule and sit behind my computer to ask few questions; who are these unbelieving Thomas town criers of President Koroma’s third term of office issue, and who are also the “After Lauren Gagbo Nar U” satanic devil in carnations so-called Sierra Leoneans?

Firstly I would like to make it clear that I am not President Koroma’s spokesman or APC government spokesperson.  I am not also a supporter of third term noise makers as others may think.  Neither am I a supporter of the barbarians and vandal gangsters of “After Gagbo“Nar U”promoters.  Therefore, my support goes or stands for peace, love, unity, progress and development in the country.  The nation’s interest comes first in my daily life because of my poor people in the towns and villages’ lives that do not know much or anything about politics. Secondly due to the fact that many of us in diverse ways we were being persecuted because of our contribution towards the precious golden peace that our brother and sister Sierra Leoneans, especially the poor, powerless and defenseless are currently enjoying in the country.

We became a target by enemies of peace during the 11 years of uncivilized brutal undertone tribal civil war that destroyed thousands of poor innocent lives, in the country, especially as Expo Times newspaper journalists by then.  We were being labeled as rebel collaborators because we stood for peaceful settlement of the war impasse in the country through round table talk than ECOMOG military intervention because of the lives of our innocent poor and defenseless people in the country.  For which we are currently standing tall as winners, because it was through a peaceful round table negotiation that the war ended which the unpatriotic enemies of peace were against because of their power hungry and hatred.

That was the time when Expo Times newspaper was Expo Times.  It was a time when the newspaper was a winner of national awards.  It was a time when the general public was always waiting for Export Times newspaper and Expo Times Magazine to come out in the streets of the country to buy, particularly in Freetown.  That was the time when patriotic, nationalist and professional journalists like Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw aka Tech, the then hard copy proprietor of the newspaper who is currently lecturing in one of the universities in London, Mr. Gibril G. Koroma, General Editor, who is currently residing in Canada.  The current CEO and publisher of “The Patriotic Vanguard” online newspaper, Charles Robert aka Punchy, Editor who is currently also based in Canada and the current charismatic outspoken APC government Outreach Spokesman, Abdualai Bayrayatay was a senior staff writer and he was also a student of FBC by then and Dr. Lans Gabire who is presently in USA at UN was also one of the Editors.  However, for reasons best known to himself, he later left the newspaper and Jonathan Leigh, the current publisher of the “Independent Observer” newspaper was the sport writer, he also left the newspaper by then.  I was one of the reporters, including the current online Expo Times Editor, Bai Bai Sesay.  During the hit of AFRC period we lost one of our finest Editors, Conrad, through unattended sickness according to report.  That was when SLPP government returned into power from exile in Guinea.  According to report, nobody was allowed to visit him in the hospital because he was one of the Expo Times Editors that was advocating for peace in the country.

Therefore, we that are still alive and kicking to tell our different stories, including true patriotic and nationalist peace and development loving Sierra Leoneans, will still form a united front to resist and fight back against any form or forms of mechanism or clandestine movement that will tend to take us back to our miserable and horrible historic dark days at the expense of our innocent people.

Now coming back to the two groups of Sierra Leoneans both in and out of the country, I will like to have a look at the unbelieving Thomas of President Koroma’s issue of third term of office and later the vandals and barbarians noise makers of “After Gagob Nar U”.  They have high jacked the very interesting debate because of their political fanatic self-destructive attitudes. This debate would have been enjoyable if they would not have allowed their unpatriotic emotions and mindset to overcome them at the expense of the nation.

If only they, “After Gagbo Nar U” squad would have used a very civilized and decent approach methods, such as the 1991 constitution clause dedicated on the third term issue, the good leadership style of President Koroma, his integrity that he has labored to build for himself in the country and Africa as a whole, how he should not try to dent or give black spot to such wonderful achievements, than using such unpatriotic satanic slogan “After Gabgob Nar U”, they  would have received more decent and level headed mindful fellow Sierra Leoneans support. However, since their aim is to use their unpatriotic and uncivilized crude vandalism way of life that has been buried centuries ago to destroy our hard earned peace because of their hungry and thirsty for political power, no peace, progress and development oriented Sierra Leoneans will support “After Gbagob Na U” gangsters slogan because of its meaning.  Thanks to the police for banning all the tow cannons.  We want sustainable peace and development in the country.

However, “After U nar U” group, I would like to tell you that you are underrating President Ernest Bai Korom’s integrity and ability to do something, because you failed to understand him.  Even though when he had told you many, many times that he, EBK is not interested in third term office affairs; you still not believe him.  Just because you that calling for him to opt for a third term rule you are not honest to yourselves therefore you do not trust yourselves. For the fact that if you are really honest and trust yourselves you will believe our modern God fearing President Koroma what he told you.

But it is because you are the type of people in and out of the country that when you say RED you mean GREEN in your crude political life.  President Koroma is a very decent gentleman, as such he is a very decent and honest father of the nation because he is a modern politician and above all he is a devoted Christian.  Therefore, he is a God fearing fine President that God has given to us that we ever had before.  Therefore, he always stands firm by his words as honest and sincere religious Christian President.  He is NOT a fake religious Christian President.

In view of that, I will like to highlight some of his honesty and sincerity indicators for some of us who are carefully studying and monitoring his attitude and behaviour.

  • When President EBK came to power newly in 2007; he told his fellow Sierra Leoneans that he would run his government like a business entity or enterprise.  Yes indeed we have seen that, he is currently doing that exactly.
  • He said he would change the political landscape of the country for instance, from political violence elections court barray ballots stuffing to a peaceful, tolerance and civilized politics, yes indeed we have seen that.
  • Form tribalism, lie, lie or deceitful politics to true and genuine modern politics, yes indeed we have seen that.
  • Press freedom and Freedom of information law would be in existence; yes indeed we have seen that.
  • He would improve the living standard of his Sierra Leonean people, yes we have seen that.
  • He said he would put the country again into the international community map in order to regain its 11 years uncivilized brutal civil war and corruption lost glory, yes indeed we are seeing that taking place, etc., within a very short period.

All the above are pointers that President Koroma’s words are his bond as a believer.  He will never disrespect his words; neither will he disappoint his people and the international community that he had openly told them that he is NOT a third term President.  Many of us have very high respect for President Koroma and great regard for his charismatic style of leadership in the country.

He did not only deny the third term rule at a closed door, he even sent his able outreach government spokesperson to the USA, Mr. Abdulai Bayratay, to tell all the unbelieving Thomas’ that he, President EBK is not interested in a third term rule.  He also gave a press release on the same issue, denying of going for a third term re-election.  From that time we firmly stood by him to ensure that he stands by his words, for the fact that we want him, President Koroma, to be the next Nelson Mandela of Africa not only for Sierra Leone or West Africa.  He should become an African Senior Elder Statesman and Africa political mentor.

In view of that we, the patriotic and nationalist peace, unity and development loving Sierra Leoneans we are expecting him, President Koroma to leave power at the time when the people need him most like late President Nelson Mandela of South Africa in order to maintain his esteemed status in the world.  After words he has his democratic right to choose his successor and throw his weight on him or her. Surely enough that individual will lead the APC to victory in 2018 general elections, because of him and above all the APC still have the momentum or signs or signals of wining 2018 elections clean without doubt because of their developmental orientation in the country and their modern style of grass root politics.

That is IF and only IF, they are not looking for tribe or who is not an “invitee” in terms of successor like the SLPPs who normally call their fellow Sierra Leoneans “outsiders”. Forgetting that an invitee or outsider can have a very large number of supporters than none invitee or insider. And also if only he, President Koroma does not want history to repeat itself in the APC circle as a God fearing man, he has his quiet fine hard working and discipline gentleman Vice President Sam Sumana. He could easily nominate him as his successor. But IF he would like to do like late President Siaka P. Stevens what he did to his Vice President S. I. Koroma, it’s also up to him.  However, I am sure President Koroma, will not go in for a third term rule in order not to destroy his good image that he had suffered to carve during his sacred two terms of office.

Honestly speaking, not that he, President Koroma will not win if he is to go in for third term re-election, for sure trust me he will win clean because of his patriotic leadership and good work. But as I already said we, the patriotic and nationalist Sierra Leoneans, we want him to leave a very good legacy or mark and also be a pacesetter or role model in the body politics of the country and Africa as a whole. I will like to leave with him this Biblical Proverb, “the sleep of a labourer is sweet, whether he eats little or much, but the abundance of a rich man permit him no sleep”. Therefore, what will that benefit him, President EBK to run for third term and destroy his ten years of good heavenly labour in the world?

Again, to “After Gagob Nar U” barbarian gangsters, I decided to call you such name/s, because the way and manner in which you are championing your course as I said, there is not much difference between the vandals and barbarians attitudes and behaviours in the days of Rome, Germany, Spain etc wars. By the kind of uncivilized insulting words that coming out of your mouths and crude way of thinking.  I am sorry to say that your attitudes and behaviours are not reflecting the type of education and the modern countries’ lives style some of you fortunate to find yourself because of Foday Sankoh and others post war in the country.

In conclusion, to me personally, your approach to the third term issue is like you are telling us how crude and uncivilized you are, by openly using vulgar languages against people calling for President Koroma’s third term leaving the issue that to be addressed behind. Who will really give you political power or support with such unrefined behavour?

My advice to you is, please approach the issue in a very civilized and more modern way of politics with intellectual mindfulness arguments so that you will have well civilized Sierra Leoneans with well refined attitudes and behaviours to support you.  But by approaching such interesting topic with uncultured attitude and behavour will not help you.  Those who would have supporting you would say a BIG NO because they want peace, unity, progress and development in the country. Therefore, we, the patriotic and nationalist, especially peace and development oriented Sierra Leone we are against those who intend to invoke any violence or unrest situation in the country that will lead to the destruction of the lives and properties of our powerless and defenseless poor Sierra Leoneans.

By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

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