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What they say is not what you get

What they say is not what you get

NPA Against Agenda Of Prosperity. Grass Field A Permanent Graveyard

Have you ever heard the expression “What you see is what you get”? What if, what you see only gets you into trouble, because it is not what you get?

There is a Lesson of the day section that I find quite thought-provoking. I have never witnessed or lived in graveyard where permanent blackouts exist. For the past 18 months I lived in the Grass Field, Kissy – East end of Freetown, I have never enjoyed an average of 3 hours nonstop electricity supply.  No one cares and not even the current Member of Parliament or the City Councilor representing Grass Field’s vicinity cares. What you see and heard by politicians in Constituency 101 in November 15, 2012 is not what you get. (Photo; Essa Thaim Kurugba)

This message made me sit up and think: “Everything that I see happening around me has a meaning that I have given to it. When I am willing to let go of thinking that I know the real meaning, I notice that it is much different from what I thought it was. Today I realize and understand that the meaning I give to anything has nothing to do with its real purpose. I do not know the real meaning of what I see.” However, what really bamboozle me is someone’s guess. I saw it all but embarrassment to political landscape in this nation. It’s very pathetic and shameful for been isolated and left behind as condemned prisoners when it comes to the NPA energy consumption. The residents in the Grass Field, Kissy are very angry, upset, cranky and agitated for knowingly deprive their privileges in the “Agenda of Prosperity”. Residents including myself, in this Grass Field, Kissy are living on unending, continuous and ceaseless blackouts. When will our generators keep silence?

Painstakingly, we sometimes like to react emotionally and jump to conclusions, often regardless of the facts but not this graveyard saga. Even when we do know the facts, we associate with the facts from our own perspective and do not bother in getting the other side of the story, because my own versions and residents at Grass Field are usually right.

Let’s cut down the political escapade and remind the NPA authority to give light supply in the East End of Freetown, Kissy – Grass Field. Grass Field residences are registered voters who voted genuinely for their M.P. in November 17, 2012.Residences at Grassfield do not have to grease the itching palms of the NPA workers before electricity supply. The next publication, I will go personal and name callings one on one.

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