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DTO Kissy gets tough – my take!

DTO Kissy gets tough – my take!

If only if the story I read in one of the outstanding credible newspapers, “Sierra Express Media online newspaper” in Sierra Leone is true, I will safely say that many of my recent analyses in my recent articles in connection with the attitudes and behaviours of some of my fellow Sierra Leoneans both in and out of the country are quite correct. Therefore, that also indicates to me that I know my fellow Sierra Leoneans very well, especially in terms of their attitudes and behaviuors. I know them very well because, I live with them, I eat with them, I sleep with them, I travel with them, I study together with them and I also work with them  in diverse ways, including community social organizations.

For example, a couple of months ago I wrote something about some of the Sierra Leone Media pull him or her down syndrome system in the country, which we normally called “PHD” syndrome. Where I highlighted several issues, particularly the way and manner in which some unpatriotic and fanatic political parties Sierra Leonean supporters, including some of the media outlets  PhD their brothers and sisters in the country because of bad heart, hatred and jealousy at the expense of the country’s hard earned peace, progress and development. In such article, I mentioned how many Sierra Leoneans like to cry down very hard working, honest and disciplined patriotic fellow Sierra Leoneans in the country. For the fact that such devilish and corrupt Sierra Leoneans always see their hard working honest, discipline fellow Sierra Leoneans as a stumbling block in their daily corrupt practices, particularly in their nefarious Babylonian clandestine plans against the government and the country.

Such devils incarnations (human beings in the flesh but evil in mind) are always pretending to be in support or in favour of the government and its present ongoing development while they are not.  Just because they want to see President Koroma and his government down fall at the expense of the nation. In that article I mentioned some few names of very hard working, honest, strict and discipline Sierra Leoneans in President Koroma’s government, that been facing lots of negative propagandas, PhDs against them, including Vice President Sam Sumana. Although recently it’s like he had allowed enemies of peace, unity, progress and development to put a very sharp knife between his loving and caring boss- President Koroma in their usual good relationship.

However, I am not sure how true it is. But he has to be very careful with those that pretending to be fighting for him or so-called sympathizers so that it will not be at his own detriment. For the fact that I do not think that is the real approach method/s they are using in terms of conflict management or problem solving module. That is the way and manner in which such so-called fighters or sympathizers are using to sympathize with him or fighting for someone you are favouring, supporting or love.

 By attacking others  with vulgar language/s , especially those been suspected of been the causers of the issue/s with negative propagandas and insults, particularly in the media at the expense of the hard working and quiet discipline fine gentle man, Sam Sumana. I am sorry to say that some of your fighters or so-called sympathizers are doing you more harm than good through their methods of approach to your issue with your Godly fearing boss-President Koroma if at all, you have issue/s with him that need/s to iron out for the sake of peace, unity and progress in the APC party and the country. I think based on conflict management or problem solving module, patience lobbying and peaceful mediation in trying to bring the two parties together in a round table brotherly talk or discussion and later negotiation should have been the first steps.  However, this is a food for thought for you Mr. Vice President.

In the same article, I also mentioned Dr. Minklu Bah, Minister of Education, Paul Kamara, Sports Minister and Dr. Sylvia Blyden, President Koroma’s deep “SEA “never dry. How underground or undercover  corrupt and bad heart, hatred and jealousy politicians and wicked unpatriotic devilish senior civil servants bent to destroy  the good images of these patriotic hard working, discipline and honest Sierra Leoneans at the expense of President Koroma’s government and the country’s development. After those mentioned fine names, guess who was the next person on the list of PHDs, it was President Ernest Bai Koroma himself by leaking his state confidential documents to the opposition media and also by comparing his behavior with that of a rat in both social media and print media only to see his down fall and his government.

What I am really trying to bring to the notice of my readers is that how some Sierra Leoneans do not want to see or hear about any patriotic hard working, honest, strict and discipline fellow Sierra Leonean names for the benefit of the country and its people. Such witch crafts enemies of peace, unity, progress and development will go all out in trying to destroy their fellow patriotic hard working, peace, unity, progress and development loving Sierra Leoneans good characters  and hard earned respects because of hatred, bad heart and jealousy and also because of their political parties’ affiliation, tribalist, regional self-centred attitudes and behaviour.

Here is another recent case in point of some Sierra Leoneans PhDs syndrome attitudes and behaviours against a very hard working patriotic fine police woman officer, Inspector Victoria I. Seasy in the country, according to “Sierra Media Express Newspaper” publication of 1st December 2013, about one of the most patriotic police officers, especially amongst police women in the country. The District Traffic Officer (DTO) of “D” divisional Head Quarters at Kissy, Inspector Victoria I. Sesay in Sierra Leone. How she was performing her duties diligently with real patriotic attitude and behaviour for the benefit of the nation.

By standing firm to ensure that reckless, indiscipline and lawless drivers in the country obey the laws of the state, especially the traffic rules and regulations. By not allowing such drivers to over loading their vehicles, plying restricted routes, taking passengers half ways and not to drive without valid driving licenses such reckless, indiscipline and lawless drivers termed such fine patriotic police woman as wicked woman because she is not taking bribes from them in order to continue their indiscipline and lawless unpatriotic attitudes and behaviour at the expense of the poor passengers and the country’s progress.

According to “Sierra Express Media”, the said drivers did not only blame or term Inspector Victoria I. Sesay as wicked and uncompromising officer; they also requested the authorities concerned to withdraw her from that Division, because she is refusing to allow them to corrupt her.  So which means they prefer a selfish and corrupt police woman or man in that area of her command to continue their lawlessness and indiscipline unpatriotic bribery attitudes and behaviour that is currently putting the country’s progress and development backward because of  such ungodly attitudes and behaviours of some Sierra Leoneans in the country. According to the newspaper, they even staged a demonstration against the presence of Inspector Victoria I. Sesay for her transfer to another division, because they saw her as a stumbling block in their unpatriotic reckless, lawless and indiscipline corrupt attitudes and behaviours in the country at the expense of the poor travelers to enrich themselves through such satanic wicked altitudes and behavour.

However, in as much we are against reckless, indiscipline, lawless and corrupt drivers in the country, the unpatriotic and corrupt indiscipline police men and women should not take advantage over that. By mistreating or molesting drivers on the roads and police stations because they refuse to give them bribes. Therefore, Mr. President Koroma, Attorney General, Frank Kargbo and Inspector General of police,  the current death of the taxi driver, Lamin Kamara aka Africa at Lumley should be investigated, especially about  the cause of his untimely death  and also about  the Le30, 000 that was alleged to have been  paid by the vehicle owner to the police. Why that money was paid for? To which pocket/s  or account such money is going to? Is it to the state coffer or to some of the so-called big men and women police purses and corrupt welts, at the expense of the poor car owner and the nation, are these police men and women in the traffic and borders or customs there to make money for their corrupt so-called police boss men and women in their offices?

Why the female police Kadie Massaquoi decided to seize the late driver’s vehicle keys? Is that what the law says, police should seized the vehicle keys of any driver that many commit a traffic offence?  Or it’s just another way of extorting money from the poor defenseless derivers? Or she was supposed to have had charged the late poor driver to court for the alleged offence rather than seizing his vehicle’s key? Like how Inspector Victoria I. Sesay of “D” division at Kissy was said to be doing as a corrupt free fine police woman officer. She sends drivers to court to go and defend themselves rather than extorting money from them for selfish and corrupt interest which is very good. Again why the Le30, 000 was taken from the poor man by the police? Anti-corruption commission! over to you.

However, I will continue to say that any individual or group of Sierra Leoneans that faces or facing lots and lots of criticisms in the country, especially those being placed in positions of trust in the country, in most cases he or she is the best patriotic, hard working, honest, discipline, strict and fine Sierra Leonean for the development of the country or community. Anyone can agree or disagree with me on this statement.

But for the unpatriotic power thirst, corrupt and clandestine diabolic Babylonian planers against the government and the country they always say in our local language Krio, “ah, den wireyer den wan fo put sansa nar we  garie we go show then paper”,  against their fellow patriotic Sierra Leoneans. (These guys or man or woman wants to block us, so that we will not succeed in our plans to destroy the government and the country. He or she is blocking our way in order not to continue our corrupt practices. Therefore, we will go all out to blackmail him or her in order, to swell their reputations with black by leaking secret state documents and the Ministries secret documents to the media, especially to the opposition media and also by paying some of the media men and women for publishing negative propagandas against such hard working and selfless Sierra Leoneans and to also blackmail the government and the country on behalf of them) at the expense of the hard earned peace in the country.

So Mr. President, please I will like to continue to advise you, do not allow unpatriotic pressures from enemies of your government and the country, who want to see that you become a failure in all of your undertakings, particularly from some of the media outlets and protesters to indirectly forcing you to take wrong decision against some of your hard working, honest, discipline and strict government Ministers and senior civil servants at your own expense and the country.

 Therefore, as a God fearing human being, always pray for God’s wisdom for positive direction and guidance whenever you want to take decision on certain state issues, especially tough state issues like dismissals or the transferring of Ministers and senior civil servants. However, to me, your first recent reshuffled decision and appointments attempt was fairly good, especially the appointment of Mr. Omire  Golley the former RUF spokesman or legal adviser. It is an indication that you really love peace and unity for the progress and development of the country.

 It was a very hard and painful decision that you took, considering the satanic role that RUF played in the 11 years of brutal civil war in the country.  The perceptions that many Sierra Leoneans have in their minds about any individual that was found to be associated with them (RUF), whether it was in good faith. That is for the interest of the country’s peace or not, many of them do not want to know about that.

However, Mr. President, listen to your advisers, but at the same time do your personal finds or research as a good leader normally does, before you take any decision on any advice given to you, because your advisers are human beings. Therefore, they are liable to give you wrong advice or advice based on sentiment or hate.

By Tony Bee, Sydney Australia

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