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Professor Parrot – Ten Ways to Quality Education

Professor Parrot – Ten Ways to Quality Education

Parrot is alarmed by the rate at which school pupils in Sierra Leone now fail their exams, especially the public exams.  This trend tends to threaten government’s much advertized education slogan, ‘Quality Education,’ for which a fabulous amount of money is expended.  Well, the noble Professor Parrot has just graduated with a Masters Degree in the Philosophy of Quality Education and it pleases the great professor to suggest ways to quickly achieve our much desired Quality Education.

Road to Quality Education

  1. Never pay school fees subsidies promptly, always make sure you delay the subsidies for the whole academic year then Quality Education will be achieved whenever the primary schools get stranded.
  2. Make sure you don’t enroll teachers for several years even when the pupils keep multiplying, keep so-called volunteer teachers for decades without salary, by so doing, Quality Education will be achieved greatly.
  3. Always award scholarships to stupidest supporters, leaving out cleverest opponents and there is Quality Education.
  4. Legalize grade-selling and illegal admission in schools and colleges and Quality Education will come quickly.
  5. Legitimize late coming, truancy and examination malpractices in every learning institution, this is a short-cut to Quality Education.
  6. Maintain and encourage woefully unqualified teachers in schools and mediocre lecturers in colleges and Quality Education is enhanced.
  7. Maintain a woefully incompetent and widely unpopular Education Minister even when almost every educational authority is fed up with him, this is a recipe for Quality Education.

With Joseph Milton Lebbie

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