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Sierra Leoneans Disobeying the Clock

Sierra Leoneans Disobeying the Clock

We have been observing that most Sierra Leoneans have little or no respect for time. Time is the master that rules the whole world; it has no respect for any man and waits for nobody.  Time is money.

According to the legendary William Shakespeare, every second draws us nearer to our graves. This implies that every tick of the clock is extremely important and every lost time can never be regained.

However, most Sierra Leoneans refuse to obey time either advertently or inadvertently. Most school pupils do not respect the time to go to school and the time to return home as evidenced by the rampant late-coming and truancy that characterize the school system. Most civil servants go to work very late and go home very early.

As journalists, we are subjected to the perpetual embarrassment of having to wait for hours before the commencement of programs we go to cover. They would tell us that the program will start 9 a.m., but we would have to keep waiting impatiently till 12 p.m.,  before it begins a situation which we view as a flagrant disrespect for time.

Our propensity to disobey time cuts right across all sectors and classes of our society with our leaders being the worst. Most top officials invited to deliver salient speeches on significant occasions would arrive when the occasion is almost about to end. We consider such behavior of some of our leaders as a blatant manifestation of nonchalance bearing the potential to stifle national development. Such bad attitude of some of our leaders has been emulated by even some of the school pupils, little wonder they arrive late in school and play truancy with impunity.

We are, therefore, calling on every Sierra Leonean to respect time, otherwise our ‘Agenda for Prosperity’ will be in jeopardy.

More time lost is more money lost.

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