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In Sierra Leone WAEC seizes 2012 WASSCE results

In Sierra Leone WAEC seizes 2012 WASSCE results

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Sierra Leone branch have with held the results of over five hundred candidates who sat the November 2012 West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) as a result of examination malpractices.

Head of National Office (HNO) of WAEC Sierra Leone branch, Mr. S.M. Sapateh told this press that over 15,000 candidates nationwide sat the private WASSCE in August, September, and November last year.

He noted that they have discovered that over five hundred candidates flouted the rules and regulations of WAEC and therefore council has withheld their results pending investigations while those without any qualms have been released to the respective candidates.

He said WAEC will convene a meeting of the Sierra Leone Examination Committee comprising the Chief Education Officer of the Ministry of Education, Conference of Principal, Council of Head Teachers and other stakeholders in the education sector to look into the malpractices and thereafter recommend to council whether to cancel their results or the affected subject or subjects in accordance with WAEC rules and regulations

Mr. Sapateh explained that they will submit all the evidences like foreign materials, mobile phones and impersonation, to name but a few to the examination committee for probing.

Investigation mounted by this medium revealed that the Laura Dove Vocational Secondary school and the Government Rokel Secondary School are very notorious for examination malpractices over the years.

Other secondary schools, according to a senior WAEC official that were in the habit of examination malpractices such as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School, Kissy Dock yard have ceased forthwith from all form of examination malpractices due to the swift intervention of the Head of the Ahmadiyya Mission in Sierra Leone.  The official who preferred to be anonymous said since then the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School is among the best schools that is doing well in council’s exams.

WAEC officials in Freetown intimated this press that during the WASSCE last year in one of the examination centres at the Laura Dove Vocational Secondary School during the Mathematics examination paper, they imported thirty questions and answers sheets into the examination hall. Thirty bona-fide candidates did not sit the examination instead they allegedly bribed people to take the exams on their behalf.

WAEC sources revealed to this press that the candidates connived with the invigilators who supervised the conduct of the examination. “They neatly organized the examination hall as if no candidate was absent but they ran out of luck when all of a sudden a senior official from WAEC office in Freetown made an unannounced visit to the hall and demanded to see the registration book,” the source explained. The WAEC official refused to receive any other names other than those that were presence at the time of the examination.

Later, the source went on,  two answered sheets out of the thirty were about to be submitted to the official by one of the invigilators but was rejected on the grounds that it was an  impersonation as the names were not earlier present while he was calling the register.

“This shows clearly that there are people sitting on behalf of certain candidates,” the source concluded.

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  • Forgive me fellows, I am just trying to be democratic and to give my opinion on why , What to do and how to implement structural education and development in my country . Our Days in School, Class four can write and read letters. Secondary school is a good education. At Njala University, those days, we have Arabic college were in we study till day break to take exams and pass. Were has all the morale ethic of our educational system gone? As you can see, i have asked so many questions. In the United State were i am living, you must be qualify to do anything. Even a house keeper or a porter.As i made to understand, most of our ministers were educated here in the United State,i know they are doing all it takes to keep to the standard we are expecting.

    2nd January 2014
  • I must say this to all by brothers/sisters, in our country SierraLeone, You cannot steal education . Is a merit . Some of this student cannot write good sentences nor calculate simple algebraic maths or fractions. We must strengthen and eliminate any teachers or lecturers/professors that are selling papers to our feature leaders.Let us arrest those that were involved if they police will permit us. People are driving without license, insurance, corruption is too much in my beloved country Sierra Leone. Thrust me if i am permuted, I will eradicate 99% of corruption and help to strengthen morality. What is this? sized result after we have spend money to pay fees, and books for our kids to be educated. Those they felt took the exams for others, were they arrested? Or we the parent should suffer and our investment should go in vein? How the students were qualified the first instance to take the exams? Assessments were done through examination which qualified our kids to take the exams . Or were the students promoted based on what? Make me scat Rample. Or pay the teachers to be promoted to the next class when they did not satisfied the curriculum? Let us look into those teachers teaching our students.I would have past a text sent to me by one of the teachers who cannot spell correctly nor construct correctly.The school system should not hire those teachers. Or is it by who know you or political campaign mobs? No way. let us offer them other jobs but to teach our feature leaders of tomorrow. I am not happy at all. ,

    2nd January 2014
  • Sierra Leone education. One thing i cannot understand, how can some one take exams for another? Is there Identification check before entering the exams hall? Has the corruption reach the stage of intellectualism? As a parent of my nephews i am sponsoring them to be good sample in the SierraLeone educational system.If education is like this now in my beloved country, then what is left? Sorry

    2nd January 2014
  • Well this is where the corrosive corruption is this is the base at which there is no bottom. Education if it is corrupted we have no hope again in the future. This government must be determined to lockup these vemins who are corrupting our beloved country. This is no joke anymore kick them out lock them up
    and throw the keys away. some of them must face face a court of executioners for corrupting the youths and hence destroying the future of the country. We might as well just turn off the lights and we all go away there is no hope the rot has gone too far we need to root it out. What a disgrace and an ignoble reputation to carry – I am from Sierra Leone, watch him the results are dodgy. Well this must end we the people are angry now very very angry we want these people thrown into jail for a considerable length of time

    1st February 2013

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