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Professor Parrot: Ten Reasons Why Papa Minkhailu Repeated

Professor Parrot: Ten Reasons Why Papa Minkhailu Repeated

Parrot has observed that Pa Koroma is a great respecter of clemency; a man who believes in pardoning failed ministers and giving them a second chance.

The Pa’s retention of Pa Minkailu tends to lend credence to Parrots observation.

Pa Koroma displayed big wisdom in allowing Pa Minkailu to repeat because of the following reasons:

Ten Reasons

  1. Papa Minkailu failed the 2007-2012 exams with historic excellence, so, he has every right to repeat to allow clemency to prevail.
  2. Papa Minkailu owes hundreds of volunteer teachers; he has repeated to pay those teachers nobody will be ready to carry such a big debt.
  3. Minkailu has to pay a big sum of subsidy arrears, he has repeated to settle those arrears immediately.
  4. Wurie repeated, what is wrong if Minkailu has repeated. We must respect the law of conformity.
  5. More trouble for ghost teachers as Minkailu repeats. This man spent almost his entire first tenure in a fierce battle with ghost teachers.
  6. Papa Minkailu spent his first tenure by creating serious problems for especially schools, he has repeated to solve those self created problems.
  7. Dozens of principals and headmasters who have acted for several years are waiting to be made substantive Papa Minkailu has repeated to make them substantive pretty soon.
  8. Papa Minkailu has repeated to witness the much resented SSS4 at work.
  9. Papa Minkailu has repeated to wage a relentless war against the mass failure now plaguing our education system.
  10. Papa Minkailu has repeated to ensure that he minimizes the rampant teen-age pregnancy among school pupils.

With Joseph Milton Lebbie

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