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Time for work and no time for politics – part one

Time for work and no time for politics – part one

By now the above caption should have been digested by all Sierra Leoneans and we should be ready to move forward in progress of developing our country. These are  words of wisdom coming from president of Sierra Leone Dr. Ernest  Bai .Koroma after his reelection as president of Sierra Leone for a second term.  I  guess we should be resonating these words as we move to an era of prosperity. In a similar vein president Barak Obama of the USA described the continent of Africa as one that needs strong institutions and not strong men.

When one looks at the continent of Africa, it is baffling to demarcate it from a north Maghreb region across the Sahara desert with a vast influence of predominance  Arabic culture and oil rich fields. This fraction of of north  Africa is currently undergoing transformation of an Arab spring revolution that was started in Tunis and its flames are still smothering in Syria. The chapters of the Arab spring revolution  are still building up as a  referendum for a constitution is underway in the new democracy of Egypt. From Cairo north Africa  to the cape of good hope in South Africa, and from Ethiopia the horn of Africa to the Sudan, Africa is plagued in conflicts . I assume in most of these  afflicted areas the cause of anarchy is for the struggle for power between politicians who have held their nationals as hostages and inflicting on them  punitive measures of human rights abuses, in an effort to retain their seats of power or to up seat the incumbents.

 On the contrary the continent has a tremendous wealth of potentials in terms of human and natural resources. Unfortunately these potentials are in disarray and the need for proper placement for the benefits of Africans is imminent. The question now is,  how should this come about ? Perplexed in answering this question is  the situation of the blame game of our colonial masters who have left ages ago, and the reasons of instability of corruption , greed and destruction still simmering beneath our feet. As a matter of fact many educated elites from the continent of Africa have excelled in various fields of learning and have held leading global positions and  Sierra Leoneans are no exception; an excellent example is  Dr Yumkella  who is director general of UNIDO and recently the recent appointment of another young Sierra Leonean Dr Abiodu Williams  as president of the court of justice in The Hague is an inspiring note to our youths.

The vision of president Koroma and the era of prosperity is about changing the  ruling of dictatorship, to the agenda of change and now the agenda of prosperity that has started. No wonder he has kick started in tapping the human resources of our talented youths to be play makers in shaping our country’s system of governance.

The popular nomination of Dr. Kelfala Mara as minister of finance is a vivid example. The results of good governance of president Koroma’s first term in office are showing with the country being featured  in many successful achievements  under the scrutiny of the united nations. The bad politics of yesterday is gradually changing and the right man in the right place is now on board, perhaps this would accelerate the progress of our country and undermine corrupting practices. It is not easy though, but ,with a president at the helm of the nations ruling with a clean human right record; and a man that is ready to take Sierra Leone to a higher level of development and an intention of a good legacy of prosperity will leave no stone unturned in achieving noble gains. No man is infallible , even the pope can err, so is president Koroma who is just another human and I guess his first term experience would see a better president that would not compromise the progress of Sierra Leone with any failing minister.

Already democracy is at work and has seen the former minister of education cried down by “vox populae vox dei”  this is a signal to president Koroma  and  to all Sierra Leoneans that the country must move forward.

Therefore the need for all Sierra Leoneans is there to contribute and work earnestly to achieve a progressive and a successful Sierra Leone must be implemented. We have to put politics aside, forgive one another, love  one another, and work for the common good of our country with loyalty and patriotism. President Koroma cannot do it alone all by himself.

Already one  can see good signs of a patriot  in the person of a popular politician in the person of ALhaji Osman Boie Kamara who has embarked on a campaign of nation building in education. This is a good example of action not intention . BOKU TOK for done!!!  politicians should protest by doing things that will show our nation that they have not only good intentions but can carry out their intentions by spending their wealth in building Sierra Leone. Good politicians might win an election even before polling day. By thy fruits we shall know them  GOD BLESS YOU Alhaji UBK.

I may wonder what is running in our minds as Sierra Leoneans, if we were to imagine president Koroma as a magician or what. Let us give all adjectives but permit me in saying that the man is a patriot period. He has raised the bar of development that is why he has pledged to improve the status quo of our youths in providing better education, training in all spheres of influence and to develop our agro industries, mining ,and labour. The good incentive of building institutions would be the cornerstone of this era of prosperity.

 Above all that has been said,  let us all join in working hard together to make this possible in this era of prosperity.  LONTA and Merry Christmas to all LONTA KARA BAI.

Augustine Kamara

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