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NA WE KONSAN Press Release

NA WE KONSAN Press Release

Subsequent to a debate on the Open Forum for Future Economic and Social Development in Sierra Leone (a FaceBook group), it became apparent that Sierra Leoneans of Krio descent need to do more to engage with fellow compatriots and promote issues for the betterment of Freetown and its environs.

NA WE KONSAN (NWK) therefore calls on Sierra Leoneans who share our vision, to dedicate efforts in support of our cause.

In order to achieve the above, we seek to identify contemporary issues negatively impacting Freetown primarily, her inhabitants and the surrounding communities. NWK will consequently launch a series of projects (social, health, education, road safety, etc.) which we hope will help bring about change in the capital city, and would be of benefit to others much further beyond.

Some of our work will involve lobbying and engaging with established institutions, systems and procedures already in place. We will always prefer to help without violating established offices.

NA WE KONSAN is a social media group of individuals originally from Freetown, who wish to preserve and promote their heritage as a part of the wider Sierra Leonean society.

Whilst these will predominantly be people of Krio heritage, this does not exclude those not of Krio descent but who are willing to join hands and work with us on the basis of mutual respect and understanding with the ultimate goal of improving current conditions in Sierra Leone.

NA WE KONSAN welcomes constructive feedback from all quarters and at all times, and would be equally happy to hear from potential partners at nawekonsan@gmail.com


Afta wan lilli rub mot na wan Facebook page wae nem Open Forum for Future Economic and Social Development in Sierra Leone we say ee go good for mek we Krio fambul dem join ahn wit we compin Salone man for mek Freetong en ol sai weh dae niya Freetong go befoe.So, NA WE KONSAN (NWK) de call we compin Salone man dem weh dae tink lekeh we, foh mek dem go do ol wetin dem abul for batoh we.

For mek dis wan yaso go appin, we go get for see wetin na di tin dem weh noh good for de tong, de wan dem weh tap dae oh en de naybah villej dem. So NWK don plan for woke pan som plan dem wae go look insai social, welbodi, lan book, ow foh mek we noh dae geh boku accident, en oda tings dem. Na dem ting dem yaso we dae abope say we go try for ep chenge na tong, en even dem we compin salone man weh nor tap na tong sef go benefit.

Some of de woke wae we geh for do mean say we go lek for join ahn wit oda group en organisation dem wae don dae na gron en fallah di way ow dem dae woke. We go try we best for ep insai di way way tings already dae do en avoid plaba.

NWK na social media group of people dem from Freetong wae want for ole on to en show dem culture as part of di pipul dem way commot Salone.  Aldo most of dem na krio, dat nor min to say dem wan weh notto krio noh for join ahn en woke wit we – wans we respect en undastand wesef, ol wetin we want na for do ol wetin we abul for mek Salone how ee dae so tiday , for go befoe .

NA WE KONSAN go gladi notto common for yeri from eni bodi eni tem ow we go go bifoe.  Again we want for yeri from eni porsin or group wae want for woke wit we tru we email: nawekonsan@gmail.com


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