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What Sierra Leone People’s Party should do

What Sierra Leone People’s Party should do

Politics, election and leadership in Sierra Leone in 1961 to 2007 had been of similar characteristics namely, intimidation, bullying of the masses, no fulfillment of promises and many more lies.  Since 2007 election power has been in the hands of the people (people’s power) of Sierra Leone. This manifested a different dynamic in the political arena in Sierra Leone which required all political parties to listen to the masses and do what is expected of them.  (Photo: Alfred Sorie Kargbo, author)

The All People’s Congress party (APC) were smart enough by revisiting their strategies which focused on doing what the people wanted by using their ‘Agenda for Change’ to effect robust economic and infrastructural developments in Sierra Leone. They have even got their ‘Agenda for Prosperity’ for which they expect every Sierra Leonean to reap the benefits of the ‘Agenda for Change’.  Thus one would coin the ‘Agenda for Change’ as the ‘Seed Planting’ and the ‘Agenda for Prosperity’ will be ‘Time for harvesting’.  This is what the APC is doing to win the hearts of the people.

Now the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is expected to do the same or even find better ways to win the hearts of the Sierra Leoneans. The following suggestions have been recommended to turn the SLPP around:

  1. Accept the 2012 election results which have been declared free and fair by the International Community, Objective/Independent Organizations in Sierra Leone and the National Electoral Commission.
  2. Work in collaboration with all parties (APC, PMDC, UDM, PDP, etc.) to promote successful developments gained.  Sometimes you disagree to agree and you agree to agree.
  3. Review what went wrong during SLPP reign (1996–2007), contribution as an Opposition in parliament, choosing your Presidential candidate and your message preached during the 2012 election champagne?
  4. Analyze the demography of the present Sierra Leone population
    • Compare the education percentage then, and now
    • Assess the current media power effect on the people. Is the media dominated by a particular set of people?
    • Can the people of Sierra Leone now be easily fooled, intimidated or manipulated?
  5. Find out what the people of Sierra Leone preferred most? Violence instead of peace? Constructive/objective criticism in place of sentiment? Action and evidence of good work instead of ‘we started it’?
  6. Find an answer to why a large proportion of Sierra Leoneans have grown to ‘love’ or like Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma?
  7. Diligently, critically and sincerely scrutinize what is the way forward to a convincing strategy to bring everyone, region and tribe on board the SLPP wagon? Do SLPP need Re-branding? If Yes, how to execute that?

If the seven points are taken into consideration then there is a brighter future and chance for SLPP in the next election.  Sierra Leoneans have eyes to see developments, ears to hear what politicians are saying and promising, hearts to feel appreciation for work well done and brains to assess what is good or bad.  Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has been rewarded for his hard work.  That is the gospel truth.

Wise saying/parable: “Way rope nor fit fol nek, na in make den tie yan na in fot. If u fose for tie yan nar in nek, e go die”.

By Alfred Sorie Kargbo, The Netherlands

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