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Sam Sesay and the ‘Four for Four’ slogan in Tonko Limba, Sierra Leone

Sam Sesay and the ‘Four for Four’ slogan in Tonko Limba, Sierra Leone

With barely few days to the November 17th polls, the electioneering process has gone into top gear, especially in the Kambia district, with particular reference to the Tonko Limba Chiefdom, a place that has produced prominent sons and daughters in Sierra Leone’s political arena.  From the era of Siaka Stevens, JS Momoh to present day President Koroma’s governance days, this chiefdom has also been part and parcel of the country’s governance process. Save for the fact that some literally under aged  childish boys, under the NPRC military-civilian clothing in 1992, killed a number of Limba people from this part of the country,(including Kaota Dumbuya and Ansu Bangura  et el) just as was the case  with other Limba chiefdoms,(Safroko Limba as in the case with Hassan Conteh, Samuel F Y Koroma, Bambay Kamara et el) the people in these chiefdoms have always realized the need to remain committed to the ideals, values and customs of the governing All Peoples Congress (APC), especially at present when we talk of new APC that has got a different dimension under the dynamic and astute leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

Tonko Limba chiefdom is one place in Sierra Leone where the APC will ever remain to be strong and appreciated, given that this is the place where most of the founding fathers of the party hailed from, including the late C.A Kamara-Taylor and Siaka Stevens. This chiefdom has also produced prominent people in the present administration of President Ernest Bai Koroma, including but not limited to Dr Joseph Sam Sesay of Agriculture Ministry , Paul Kamara of Youths and Sport, Dauda Kamara of Local Government and Saidu Conton Sesay of NaCSA, amongst others. So, given the desire by this set of people in Tonko Limba to remain affixed to the APC of yester-years and of today, they have ensured, the November polls are won on the first ballot by embarking on constant and democratically voter education campaign in  the 128 villages in the Tonko Limba chiefdom. So, the whole of Saturday, 3th November was a busy day for the people of Tonko Limba chiefdom in the Kambia district where, Sam Sesay and a team of dedicated APC members have been crisscrossing, educating potential voters on how to vote. With Dr Sam Sesay taking the lead, the team included the APC candidate for the Parliamentary symbol, Patrick Lahia Kargbo, Saidu Conton Sesay and a host of others, including the APC aspirants for council seats in the three different wards, amongst them, Desmond Kamara Jrn.

The point must be made, that the decision by Dr Sam Sesay and others to embark on a village to village voter education drive in this APC stronghold could not have come at a better time, given that the reelection of President Koroma on the 17th is a move aimed at fostering the country’s development agenda. With much achievement made in the country as a resolve of an ‘Agenda for Change’, the shift to an ‘Agenda for Prosperity’ also came at a time when we now need to build on our success as a country.

A number of villages have been visited thus far as of Saturday, 3rd November, including but not limited to Kamabala, Kamawala, Banekeh, Kuteha, and Kamakukuna. It should be made clear that in all of these visits, the reception and reaction that keeps coming from voters has been great and very encouraging, which is synonymous to a resounding ‘yes, we should reelect  President Koroma.’ Forget about the convincing power that Dr Joseph Sam Sesay(being a grass root politician that interacts with everyone and one is seen as being part of his people and who feels with them) has, in telling people why to reelect President Koroma, forget also about the zeal that has been exhibited thus far by the entire team to reach each and every village, the point has to do with the seeming readiness of our people to go to the polls and vote for the APC.

Also the message from Dr Sam Sesay and team has been the same-that of educating people on how to vote; appreciating the decision of the people in 2007 to vote President Koroma into governance; to present all the candidates to the people in each and every village we visit and lastly the need to reelect President Koroma and the APC on the 17th. Dr Sam Sesay keeps pointing at the development strides of this government, including, but not limited to what has been done in agriculture, in infrastructure, in the free health care scheme and what has been done to also improve the lives of the people in Kambia district, especially in Tonko Limba chiefdom.

In all of the above named villages, Dr Sam Sesay and team keep making the point that the love for President Koroma and the APC by potential voters should be reflected in the pattern of voting in two weeks time, which should take into account the need to ensure, ‘four for four’ votes, in that- the APC should be voted for: 1) the councilor; 2) the council chairman; 3) the Member of Parliament and; 4) the Presidency. He has also been telling people to ensure, they avoid void votes, and that they should not be looking for faces when they go to the polls, but for the APC symbol.  On the issue of independent candidates, the team has been hammering the point that the APC is a political family that has no independent candidate and that whoever decides to go independent is not working in the interest of the APC and as such should not be given attention by voters. He also informed voters, that the decision to vote for the APC in the coming election is one of best options that could be used for the socio-economic and political development of not just Tonko Limba chiefdom but for the entire country.

Pa Baimba Sesay in Kambia

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