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“Bio isn’t Qualified to Share Political Platform With Me” … President Koroma Declares

“Bio isn’t Qualified to Share Political Platform With Me” … President Koroma Declares

Makeni: The Chairman, Leader, and presidential candidate of the All Peoples Congress party (APC) for the November 17th elections, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, (in photo)  last Saturday 13th October 2012 declared in Makeni that the flag bearer of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Julius Maada Bio is not qualified to share a political platform with him on issues because he is lawless, disorderly and does not respect authority.

He therefore warned that the future of Sierra Leone should not be entrusted into the hands of jokers, saying that; “if the people do not vote you in, you have no business with governance”.

To a jam-parked crowd of APC supporters and stalwarts at the Wusum stadium on arrival in Makeni, President Koroma said that he was not in the city to make a campaign speech but to inform his constituents that he has been nominated for the second time to use the party as a vehicle to win the election and continue the ongoing unprecedentedly massive development taking place all across the country.

He noted that his five years report card published by the Open Government Initiative’s (OGI) Citizens Report Card (CRC) clearly shows that he is indeed a grade ‘A’ student as he recalled that when he came in 2007, as a hands-on president, he instilled once more honesty in the governance of the country.

The APC presidential candidate said that politics should be treated with utmost seriousness because the lives of the people depend on it. “We have rolled out an agricultural policy that has now transformed the sector into a business. We will end up building roads in all districts in the country”, he said, while adding that the free health care policy has saved the lives of mothers and under five children in every district, region, city and chiefdom.

To those who could not win the party’s symbol in the just concluded primaries, President Koroma said; “let us close ranks as all is not lost and once the party wins everybody will have an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the development and transformation of the country”; hence encouraged all to look at the bigger picture which is to ensure the success of the APC- the party that has started the transformation of the country more than ever before.

Meanwhile, the President and his entourage received the warmest reception ever from the people of Makeni as the aged, youths, women and children dressed in the traditional colours of the party, jumped in the streets to celebrate with the APC presidential candidate on his nomination to take the party to victory for the second time in a row.

APC Youth League Chairman Hon. Alimamy Kamara revealed that when President Koroma started talking about the “Agenda for Change” initially when he assumed office in 2007, most of his detractors were in doubt as if they do not know what development was about, but now everybody is yearning to be associated with the achievements of his government.

Presenting the APC presidential candidate following his nomination, the southern born Secretary General of the party Hon. Victor Bockarie Foh said that judging by the current political trend the SLPP flag bearer will call early to congratulate President Koroma when the November 17th election results shall have started filtering in.

He said that the APC believes in President Koroma’s ability to govern Sierra Leone, and that the entire country was transformed into red on the day of the nomination of the party’s presidential candidate.

Hon. Foh said nobody was imported from the provinces to Freetown to celebrate with the presidential candidate on his nomination as the whole country was awash with red on that day. “APC”, he optimistically said, “will win not less than seventy-two parliamentary seats and that the presidential candidate Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma will win more than that threshold to secure a first ballot victory.”

“We are either going to defeat the SLPP in their former strongholds or share the votes equally for Sierra Leone belongs to everybody”, said the APC National Secretary General.

He expressed the party’s profound gratitude to the people of the East-Kono, Kailahun and Kenema districts for their overwhelming support to the presidential candidate of the APC and also commended the south for their role in the just concluded nomination of President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma to continue the good work he has started all over the country.

“We are just going to vote as fulfillment of a constitutional mandate which stipulates that after every five years we should go into elections, but it is already a referendum indicating that President Koroma has won the presidential race”, he observed.

Hon. Foh encouraged all to put their past behind them and vote for the presidential candidate and his team leaders. Statements were also delivered by the mayoral candidate, Makeni municipality Madam Sunkarie Kamara, the APC Bombali district chairman Alie (Commoner) Kargbo, whilst the occasion was spiced up with a thrilling musical performances with a rock the vote song; “Ernest Wi Wan Mek You Cam Back”, by the Siberians from Liberia.

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  • Only a by-product of the Megalomaniac and intensely corrupt Predecessor like Siaka Stevens, would utter such Trash. It not only demonstrate the egocentricity and political ignorance of that movement, but it underscores the widely held conventional beliefs amongst most decent Sierra Leoneans (especially in the Diaspora) that the APC is essentially a Communist organisation riddled with the greatest Social & Political Degenerates that have ever walk the Earth, since Stalin.

    However, with no surprise, EBK had a second-class Education and has been dusted in the vindictive and gutter politics of the Siake Stevens Era…so I am NOT particularly surprised of such debased utterances coming from him. You cannot put square peg into a round hole…even if Democracy were to dress up as a Cotton Tree in Bright Flashing RED colours and hits EBK in his face & Ass…he would still NOT recognise it…
    That my friends, represents the inner core of this Dastardly movement called the APC, whose legacies brought about not only the War, but remains the chief storekeeper of poverty in that God Forsaken Country called Sierra Leone

    God have mercy on salone!!

    Amara in UK

    14th November 2012
  • what MAKES YOU THINK THAT WAY? He IS AN EDUCATED MAN THAN YOU ARE, MORE HANDSOME, HAS A BETTER ACCENT With the Queen’s language than you, went to a better recognized secondary school,brave, developmentally oriented, Human just as you, Once a leader of this country too; so why do you think he is unfit to stand on the same stage with you? Or are you now thinking of your self as a better human being than all of us because you are president?

    30th October 2012
  • I cannot image the language of EBK, is unbelievable…

    Anyway, EBK as you call yourself Boi, is far better than you in all sectors, and don’t forget he is your Bosss, he has been there before you and he pave a way for such a person like you to come and loot our resources….

    He gave way to demo…………..


    16th October 2012
  • H.E Julius Maada Bio is a product of “BO School” who put his LIFE on line & defended Sierra Leone as a military officer then briefly Served as a Head of State who gave birth to Multi-party democray we are enjoying and abusing today. WE all MUST give him credit regardless our political labels.
    Also a graduate of an accredited American University with a Master’s degree is definitely OVER-QUALIFIED to share a political platform with H E Dr Ernest Bai Koroma (BA)”World Best”. The leader of second only poorest country in the World. Sierra Leone has a long way to go thruogh the Dark Tunnel till Novemder 17 ,2012 before LIGHT could appear at the END.

    16th October 2012

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