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As NRA impounds Liberian truck with loads illegal goods Harry’s Warehouse closed at Kingtom

As NRA impounds Liberian truck with loads illegal goods Harry’s Warehouse closed at Kingtom

An unscrupulous Indian businessman at Harry’s Shop, Siaka Stevens Street, Freetown only known as (PK) and his boss Pa Harry last week ran out of luck when the National Revenue Authority (NRA) in collaboration with state security impounded a truck load of PVC pipes and plastic chairs at their Kingtom warehouse adjacent to Virtues Funeral Home, brought into country illegally.  (Photo: The truck load of illigal goods at Harry’s warehouse Kingtom closed by NRA)

The driver for the loaded truck of PVC pipes and plastic chairs with a strong Liberian accent said that they were hired by a fixer named Alhaji Saccoh, a disabled with crutches, to drive a truck a load of plastic items bought in Liberia by an Indian businesses man.

Alhaji Saccoh commonly called Alhaji (Cut foot) is a renowned con-businessman that has succeeded in defrauding the state for years by bringing goods into the country illegally.

The truck load of illegal goods evaded the Government’s Customs post at Gendema by providing a fake manifest that does not reflect the goods in the hired truck. The vehicle is also without a valid license, the one available is placed at the driver’s dash board with registration number RC 3222 from Guinea.

The warehouse is a criminals hide out for foreign businesses bent on defrauding the state from much needed revenues, as they smuggle goods from Liberia that can be locally manufactured in the country.

Officers of the NRA have also sealed the Harry’s warehouse where it is believed most of the smuggled goods are kept for distribution into the Sierra Leonean market, thereby depriving local industries from making sales in the market.

However the truck load of PVC pipes and plastic chairs has not been offloaded to the warehouse until NRA officers complete their investigation. Indian nationals at Harry’s shop at Siaka Stevens Street have also confirmed that the truck was destined to offload at their warehouse, so that they can buy and sell the goods.

Harry’s shop managers are in complete dilemma as to what action government will take on them for harboring smuggled goods at their Kingtom warehouse.

The Harry’s warehouse at Kingtom is currently under lock and key awaiting further investigation whilst the truck load of illegal goods will be conveyed later to Customs house for further verification.

Sources say Harry’s Shop at Siaka Steven Street that normally deals with electrical appliances and household goods has been involved in dubious deals to the detriment of the country’s economic growth.

The Indian business tycoon is reported to be in the habit of influencing state actors with money to satisfy his ambitious business plans at the detriment of the country. It is also alleged that plans are underway to bribe the NRA officers so that they can put the goods in the local market.

Officers at the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development have also expressed shock and dismay over the Indian business man for defrauding the state and also putting local industries out of business.

The acting Commissioner of the National Revenue Authority, Haja Kallah Kamara, is said to have mounted further investigation into the dubious deals of Harry’s shop and its warehouse in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Commission.

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  • Perhaps the unbaked employees at NRA do not know that Liberia and Sierra Leone are members of Mano River Union (MRU) and not import duty is payable for movement of locally manufactured goods within the two countries

    15th October 2012

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