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Thanks in advance for a free, fair, and peaceful election

Thanks in advance for a free, fair, and peaceful election

I want to thank every Sierra Leonean in advance for a free, fair and peaceful upcoming election in our beloved country …

Ernest is not a saint neither is he Jesus Christ, but I trust him with my life and the life of everybody in our beloved Sierra Leone. I can count a handful that are as genuine as he is since we all know that a whole lot of leaders today are not at all trust worthy because they are obsessed with the love of money and the love of power. I brought up this same issue back in Sierra Leone and I was told that I am crazy because the truth is; Ernest is too smart and corny enough to do anything he wants to do unnoticed, and that he is worse than those around him. But I strongly disagreed! Even though these people were right to say that I am crazy, but you see, there are different levels and percentages of craziness in every human being because not a single one of us is perfect. And as long as you are not perfect, there is some percentage of insanity in you.  (Photo: Queen Love)

There is one side of me that people always misunderstand, just because I am naïve enough to believe there is something very special and positive about every human being and I easily trust people doesn’t mean that I am stupid. Naïve means you trust easily but you are not at all stupid. But oh Lord have mercy! So many people have misunderstood me for being stupid just because I am naïve. They have tried to bully, intimidate and take advantage of me but it has never worked. I love people but I am not at all stupid! If you want to know one of the reasons why I have been married three times and why I am a human rights advocate on abusive issues, it is because I have a gift that people always misunderstand as a weakness and they try to take advantage of me because they believe I am weak, but when I refuse, they get angry at me.

Or they easily take me for granted but when I refuse to dance to their tune, they get angry at me! God knows that I am not just a beautiful woman, (to God be the glory) but I also have substance with a very strong and positive personality. I am not a politician but an ambassador of love and an unconditional love revolutionary, so I will never put down, criticize or curse opposition parties because it doesn’t even make sense to do that since we are all brothers and sisters competing to be the best in governing, building and transforming our country for a better and well developed Sierra Leone and not the contrary. What I would keep doing as a human rights advocate is to boldly come up with ideas that will benefit every Sierra Leonean. As usual I am especially appealing to some of those around our president to change their negative attitudes and behaviors as role models to positively impact our youth who are the future leaders of not only Sierra Leone but the world as a whole. I am a live witness of a whole lot of hatred mindset, deception, confusion, dishonesty, greed, selfishness and character assassination going on in every corner of our beloved country. We need to know that the problem is not Ernest; the problem is a whole lot of us. I and my boys were gravely abused because of selfish reasons but I won’t put the blame on the president because I know better!

For example, one day, somebody told me in a very sarcastic way that the president told him that he knows me very well. Thank God I am this person who always believes in positive energy but rejects negative energy or else I would have made our president my biggest enemy. What this guy told me doesn’t make any common sense either because it is impossible for you to know somebody just by listening to naysayers without having a personal one on one relationship with that person. Never mind I am naïve and can be easily misunderstood but I cannot be easily fooled so I didn’t buy his lies. Our president is a trailblazer and a very hard working and kind hearted one too! He deserves a second term because he loves people and is very genuine, optimistic and enthusiastic about developing and transforming our country for the benefit of all. But can he do it all by himself? No way!

So he needs all of us especially some of those that are around him to change, change and I repeat, change their negative attitudes and behaviors to genuine love for one another in Sierra Leone. Every Sierra Leonean has a tremendous duty and responsibility to positively contribute and make sure that the November elections are free, fair and peaceful because above all we love each other and have learned from our past mistakes. And we want to show the world that we cherish each other’s lives more than all the gold, diamonds and monies of the world put together because at the end of the day it is all vanity and we can’t take anything with us to eternity. If you read my book titled: Arise Sierra Leone Enough is Enough you will see a special prayer for Sierra Leone and a special message to the elected president to be. I wrote this book even before the 2007 elections in Sierra Leone when I had no clue about who and who were contesting to be the president. Because of everything we went through during the war in our country, I personally prayed for a president like Ernest Bai Koroma even before I met him so I believe that God’s divine WILL will be accomplished no matter what anybody thinks or tries to do. And the earlier we accept this fact the better for all because nobody can challenge Almighty God. Ernest’s campaign for attitudinal and behavioral change, human rights, good governance and fight against corruption has earned him great respect and recognition both nationally and internationally, so he needs to finish his second term without any interruption.

When Ernest succeeds, I have succeeded and you have succeeded. When Ernest wins; I have won and you have won too because we are all Sierra Leoneans. Sierra Leone is not about “me” and is not divided to each of us individually either so I cannot say “my beloved Sierra Leone” but our beloved Sierra Leone!

There is no need for us to curse, backstab, fight and kill each other any longer because now we know better, and when you know better you do better. Come November 17th 2012, let us show gratitude to Almighty God and show the world that we are better people than we used to be.

Please go to all the online book stores and order my book titled: Arise Sierra Leone Enough is Enough. Every Sierra Leonean needs to read this positively empowering book especially now that another election is just around the corner. So hurry and get a copy and you won’t regret you did!

I pray that Almighty God continues to guide, protect and bless us and our sweet Mother Salone. Until next time, stay connected and keep the love fire burning in each other’s heart.

by Queen Love in Kabala

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