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Is the President aware?

Is the President aware?

The hue and cry over spilt milk in the award of party symbols to the ‘wrong’ choices has become insipid on the ears of the common man. The two main political parties in the country have lately been subjected to public scorn and in very many instances aggrieved supporters have threatened to withhold their support for the party they bragged to die for in the run up to the award of the respective symbols.

It beats our imagination to see vigilant youths jollying their way to party offices brandishing dangerous liquors and demonstrating zest bidding to please their sponsors. Heaven would bear witness to the fact that these overzealous party youths dare not regurgitate the criteria that is set forth to choose members of the various electoral colleges, let alone could they pound their chests and boast of being properly sensitized on what the meaning of the primaries is, or even on issues relating to the electioneering.

Electoral College is supposed to represent different shades of opinion within a delineated boundary and it ranges from the religious and traditional leaders, the elderly, males and females, youths, the physically challenged, professionals, and technocrats, et al.

What we actually observed in this year’s award of coveted symbols is that the most deserving are the affluent of aspirants and that the actual cause of the spate of violence has marred the whole process.

The choices of the people are doomed at the expense of wealth. The contention here is all what has transpired in the issuance of party symbols is to the knowledge of the president who happens to double as the leader of his party, the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC).  Surely the president is better informed of every single symbol that is dished out to his fellow party members because he bears the brunt in the event of any mishaps?

Sources have argued that the buck stops at the desk of Mr. President and that he has insisted the voice of the people must heard. It is not by way of affluence or the most influential, it is about the choicest. Therefore to maintain sanity in or even after the award of symbols, party supporters must be still and know that the party supersedes all else.

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